days 22-27.

see that big knife? we’ve owned it for 2 years but i only recently started using it cause i was afraid i’d cut myself. i’m pretty clumsy.

i cut myself with it the first time i used it.

there was actually no moon on this night, so this moon is a from the 26th.

i love this guy.

oatmeal with fresh strawberries, an orange, and homemade iced coffee. yum.

our car key is massive.

this is in my studio. i love my *new* name!

so, we’re almost through another month of 2012~ i can hardly believe how quickly time goes the older i get. but to keep me motivated and taking pictures every single day, i will be joining in on the photo-a-day fun yet again in april. are you in?

you can check out the list and more at fat mum slim blog!

if you do join in, please leave me your instagram name, or a link to your site! you can follow me here and at @oppositeoffar on instagram!


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