keep me going.

iced coffee is a wonderful thing.

i’m a chai girl, typically, but i just can’t afford starbucks every day! i realized i can still get my caffeine (and sugar) fix without going broke or even leaving my house. which is a big plus, since i am usually stuck at home all day anyway. here’s how i do it. so very simple.

brew coffee. (i have to brew several pots since ours is a single cup pot)

put hot coffee in a container. (i use a glass pitcher)

put container in fridge until cool/cold. (cold-cold is best, but you can use  your brewed coffee immediately if you don’t mind your ice melting)

grab your favorite glass.

pour milk & sugar into your favorite, however much you like. (i use about 3/4 cup milk and 1 tbsp or so of sugar- i like my coffee sweet & milky, not too coffee-y)

mix that milk & sugar really well so the sugar dissolves. (i use a straw to stir because i like to drink my iced coffee with a straw)

add ice cubes. (i like 3)

top off you glass with your cooled/cold coffee. (i do it in this order because i really enjoy watching the colors mix.)

enjoy. (preferably with a chocolatey snack or breakfast)
you can do this in any order, with any combination of milk, sugar and coffee. i love having a pitcher of cold coffee in the fridge so i can make iced coffee for days! my pitcher is currently empty, so i’ll be making more tomorrow!
and in case you would prefer trying a fancier approach, here is the pioneer woman’s perfect iced coffee recipe, which i’m sure is much better than my measly aldi brand one cup coffee maker coffee. but mine way is easier. 🙂





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