a piece of her.

it surprises me sometimes how much i miss my grandparents. i guess in some way, i thought i would eventually move on or something. that i would always remember them, but i did not expect to feel their loss so deeply…still. sometimes i still think “oh, grandma would know!” or “i bet grandpa would make that for me”. i still have their phone number in my phone, grandma’s email address in my contact list. i find ways to keep them close. i talk to them when i am happy and distressed. and sometimes i wear little tokens from them, for comfort. or for luck. the other day needed a little luck, just a little piece of grandma with me. i kept touching that ring all day, thinking of her. it made me feel stronger, or maybe just less fragile. they’re with me. i know that.


2 thoughts on “a piece of her.

  1. My grandparents are still in my phone and I’m still friends with my grandpa on Facebook. His profile picture is one I took of him playing the steel guitar. I never stop thinking of them, especially when I hear a good steel solo. :o)

  2. Boy do I feel the same! We’re so lucky to have those people in our lives and always with us. I just got my grandma’s sewing machine. It still has the thread from her last sewing project. Makes me feel close to her having it. Hope we can leave that same imprint in our grandchildren!

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