hair flowers.

i have been making these little flowers for 2 years now. it all started with a little wedding project and morphed into pretty little barrettes that folks go crazy over! i finally took the time to photograph these beauties. i love having them piling up in bowls around my studio (and kitchen, and living room…) they are so bright and cheery!

hair flower bobbies

hair flower mini clips

felt hair flowers on large clips

i don’t post these on etsy because i use so many different fabrics- i like to use remnants, vintage, and re-used pieces, so they aren’t always the same. if you are interested in making a special order (with specific fabrics) or an order of random barrettes, please let me know! they go like hot cakes at shows, so if you make it to one of my shows this summer, be sure to stock up!

i love wearing the mini clips and the bobbies! i find the mini clips are great for pinning back my bangs and adding a tiny bit of color. mini clips are especially adorable on littles, though! the bobbies are great for several hair styles. i like sticking them in my messy buns- they turn a messy do into a fancy do pronto! you can also use them as you would regular bobby pins- to hold hair in place.

i’d love to see how you (or your littles) wear your opposite of far hair flowers!

if you want to order some, e-mail me at

special delivery.

i love getting mail. good mail. it’s especially fun getting beautifully packaged mail! in the last couple months i have received a few extra-special packages that i wanted to share…the little details really do make a BIG difference!

the first package was a sweet birthday gift from my mother-in-law (thank you gretchen!)

anthropologie never ceases to charm me!

and the second extra-special delivery came from a wonderful etsy artist sieben morgen. i ordered some cute little stamps and sticky notes from her. the packaging was so pretty, i didn’t want to open the envelope! i did, of course, but i did so very carefully and kept it all!

i strive to package my masks so that the recipient is excited to see it in their mailbox, and these packages reminded me just how important it is to keep up that tradition!

days 1-5.

if you follow me on instagram you know i’ve been keeping up on my photo-a-days. but it’s been busy around the opposite of far studio, so i;m just a little behind my photo-a-day blog posts. enjoy!


(oh, and in case you haven’t heard…instagram is not just for iUsers anymore! androids users can get instagram now too! look me up, i’m “oppositeoffar”)

still interested in palying along? leave your info in the comments so i can follow you too!


i’m an easy-going kind of girl. especially when it comes to my hair. some might say i have perfect hair: i never have bed head, i don’t actually have to brush/comb my hair (the knots just fall out when it dries), i don’t use products or tools and it’s soft. i say all hair has it’s challenges: it gets way greasy when not washed, it’s thin, doesn’t hold curls or products, and is constantly¬†in my face. (and i think bed head/crazy hair is really cute, so i’m bummed about that!) needless to say, i have had to figure out ways to make my hair work for me. when i’m sewing it has to be back- all back, out of my face. over the last few years i have learned that bobby pins are my best friend. i put them to good use and carry them with me in case of {hair} emergencies! i also like to wear scarves in my hair (i have a great collection of vintage silk scarves!)- i like the look and the addition of bright colors & patterns. i have compiled my 3 current favorite hair looks for you, in case you need some inspiration for your hair too! i’m pretty sure these looks will work for most hair types.

single twisty bun + scarf

i styled this straight out of the shower this morning- no combing necessary! i just pulled it back like a ponytail, did a quick twist and secured with ONE bobby pin. i actually didn’t intend for this to last long. i added the scarf to keep my bangs back and i think it helps keep the bun in place. even if you needed to add more pins, this look is so quick and easy! i love not using hair bands/ties because those do’s always seem to give me headaches. with bobby pins my hair never feels too heavy.

as for the scarf, i folded it into a long rectangle then put the wide middle part at the back of my head. i tied it in the front at my hair line then tucked the loose pieces in along the side of the scarf. you can add pins to secure, but i usually don’t need to do that.

twisty buns

starting with the front of your hair, twist the pieces together all the way to the back constantly tightening until it begins to curl into a bun. twist the hair all the way into a little bun then secure with as many bobby pins as necessary! this hair style keeps my hair out of my face while working and even feels a little fancy, even though it’s actually more of a messy casual look. it’s perfect for hot days too!

{you can also separate your hair into 3 or 4 sections depending on your length and thickness. twist each section and secure with pins, this makes a little row of twists that is really cute)

twisty braids

i love this do. it has become my go-to hair style lately!

here’s how you do it:

braid your hair into 2 side braids, secure with tiny hair bands (i use those teeny clear ones). pull your braids to the back of your head and tie in a
“knot”. push the ends of your braids behind the braided hair, out of sight, then secure the braids with bobby pins. I have only been pinning from the top, but realized i could use some pins underneath too, to hold up the hair at the base of my neck.

this look actually is a little nicer than the twisty buns. it’s cleaner, more polished. this style lasts all day long for me and is even easy to do in the middle of the day with only a couple bobby pins on hand.

i have gotten lots of hair inspiration from other blogs lately. some of the styles i love don’t work for me because my hair is SO stick-straight. others don’t work because although my hair is long-ish, it’s not quite long enough for all the fun styling!

I want to try this one next:

maiden braid

and she shows how to wear it up too:

so pretty! perfect for casual days lounging in the hammock, or dressy summer evenings!

what are your favorite hairstyles?

i would love to see pictures & links for more ideas!

days 28-31.

mike found this in the pantry…trash!

sewing feet…this is how i spend my days

fun fact about me: i love putting toys in my plants

when they let me

so there you have it, the end of march has come and gone. we are now on day 2 of april…can you even believe it? i have a very busy month ahead of me! what are your big plans in april??

and if you haven’t guessed yet, i will be doing the photo a day again in april! please do join me!

bloomington handmade market 2012.

last year i attended the bloomington handmade market as a shopper, not a vendor. i went with my friend angela and she had to push me around in a wheelchair. it may have been my first trip out of the house after surgery #2, actually. i was so inspired.¬† being in a huge room full of artists and people appreciating their craft is my little heaven. i came home and wrote about some of the artists i saw there, hoping to one day meet and perhaps befriend some of these talented people. well, wouldn’t you know it, not only have i befriended several of the artists i saw that day, but i have worked side-by-side with them, been to markets with them, shared life with them, and now i will have my own booth AND i am an organizer of this market! i am so proud to be a part of bloomington handmade market- an event that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for lots and lots of heart, soul, dedication and hard work by 3 (+1) ladies: sally harless, mia beach and nicole wolfersberger (and #4, myself). this event celebrates local artists who create unique art, and offers the community the opportunity to access this art and the artists.

i really can’t believe it has only been a year since i stood in that room buzzing with activity and energy and hoped i would have even a little part in it eventually! little did i know it would be only a short time before i attended as a vendor, organizer, friend and fan!

if you are local (or local-sih, even!), i really hope to see you there on saturday april 7th!

check out our vendors page to see all the amazing artists you don’t want to miss!