bloomington handmade market 2012.

last year i attended the bloomington handmade market as a shopper, not a vendor. i went with my friend angela and she had to push me around in a wheelchair. it may have been my first trip out of the house after surgery #2, actually. i was so inspired.  being in a huge room full of artists and people appreciating their craft is my little heaven. i came home and wrote about some of the artists i saw there, hoping to one day meet and perhaps befriend some of these talented people. well, wouldn’t you know it, not only have i befriended several of the artists i saw that day, but i have worked side-by-side with them, been to markets with them, shared life with them, and now i will have my own booth AND i am an organizer of this market! i am so proud to be a part of bloomington handmade market- an event that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for lots and lots of heart, soul, dedication and hard work by 3 (+1) ladies: sally harless, mia beach and nicole wolfersberger (and #4, myself). this event celebrates local artists who create unique art, and offers the community the opportunity to access this art and the artists.

i really can’t believe it has only been a year since i stood in that room buzzing with activity and energy and hoped i would have even a little part in it eventually! little did i know it would be only a short time before i attended as a vendor, organizer, friend and fan!

if you are local (or local-sih, even!), i really hope to see you there on saturday april 7th!

check out our vendors page to see all the amazing artists you don’t want to miss!


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