hair flowers.

i have been making these little flowers for 2 years now. it all started with a little wedding project and morphed into pretty little barrettes that folks go crazy over! i finally took the time to photograph these beauties. i love having them piling up in bowls around my studio (and kitchen, and living room…) they are so bright and cheery!

hair flower bobbies

hair flower mini clips

felt hair flowers on large clips

i don’t post these on etsy because i use so many different fabrics- i like to use remnants, vintage, and re-used pieces, so they aren’t always the same. if you are interested in making a special order (with specific fabrics) or an order of random barrettes, please let me know! they go like hot cakes at shows, so if you make it to one of my shows this summer, be sure to stock up!

i love wearing the mini clips and the bobbies! i find the mini clips are great for pinning back my bangs and adding a tiny bit of color. mini clips are especially adorable on littles, though! the bobbies are great for several hair styles. i like sticking them in my messy buns- they turn a messy do into a fancy do pronto! you can also use them as you would regular bobby pins- to hold hair in place.

i’d love to see how you (or your littles) wear your opposite of far hair flowers!

if you want to order some, e-mail me at


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