april wrap up.

whew. what a busy month. i feel old because i keep hearing myself exclaim about how quickly time is passing these days.

april brought us rain showers and cooler weather (compared to our july-like march). i spent most of the month in my studio and traveling. the traveling was either work or family related and neither trip was all that enjoyable. wait, let me elaborate: the first trip was all the way to chattanooga for a show. the company was fantastic, but the show was so-so. it’s so hard to judge a thing like that, though. did we make a lot of money? absolutely not. did we have fun, meet new people, see a new place? absolutely. it’s all about perception. and that can change by the minute! the second trip was to detroit for a funeral. again, not pleasant, but it really was nice to spend time with extended family we don’t see often. it was also nice to learn more about mike’s grandmother- things neither of us knew. for example, she was a very talented artist! what a pleasant surprise!

and so, our last few days of april were spent recouping, redecorating, and getting back to work.

*since i didn’t post the photo-a-days for the end of april, here you go, my friends*

day 16. dandelions count as flowers.

day 17. something i don’t like…being in a funk.

day 18. prettiest hair ya ever did see

day 19. orange oilcloth on my work table. i love staring at this everyday!

day 20. something i drew.

day 21.

day 22. possibly my favorite purchase ever.

day 23. growing peas.

day 24. every single day.

day 25. i love watching these peonies transform.

day 26. dramatic shot of the wind chime my mama made me.

day 27. obsessed with the chattanooga aquarium building.

day 28. flea marketing with sally.

day 29. pepper plants are anxious to get in the ground.

day 30. the hammock was hanging for 1 day. then the rain came.

**and just in case you missed it, here’s the whole list!**


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