may day.

day 1. what a nice way to start a new month. it’s breezy, wet from last nights rain and oh so quiet this morning.

we’re gliding into summer now; plants will be carefully placed into the ground, feet will dangle from our colorful hammock, the peonies out front will slowly unfold with the help of thousands of little ants, the grill will be fired up, and morning breezes will rustle the curtains. this month a cousin is getting married, a sweet friend is graduating from grad school, masks and dolls will be made and shipped to far away places, we will celebrate mothers day, and we will try to slow this time down a bit. maybe read a book. take walks. spend more time with friends. and take more photo-a-day shots!

what are your plans for may? are you joining in on the photo a day challenge? check out this link for lots of information about photo-a-day!

i would love to hear from you…leave a comment!


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