photo-a-day & motivation.

day 2. skyline. this is my favorite skyline. i mean, i love the cityscape of chicago, new york, cincinnati- heck almost every city skyline I have seen makes my heart jump in excitement, even if i’m just passing through. it’s alive in there- bustling, busy and exciting. but the skyline of my backyard including my man & my 2 furry babies, well that just makes me melt with contentment. it’s peaceful and funny and home. no matter what kind of day i have had, how we have annoyed each other, somehow the backyard is a safe zone. somewhere we can escape and just be quiet- whether working side by side, me watching him work (because he won’t let me help), or laying together in the hammock. the dogs go crazy over people & dogs passing by the back fence, but we *mostly* just let them bark. they are happier when we are out there with them.

side note: see that butt up in the air? well, that’s mike alright, digging holes for the first 2 posts of the new garden space. i can’t speak entirely for him, but i can say our motivation levels for getting that garden ready are completely different. it’s a challenge. don’t get me wrong, without him none of this work would be done (i just physically can’t do it). it’s just…i want it noooooow! (insert veruca salt whiny voice). isn’t it just like that though? when there’s something you want done but can’t do it yourself, you are on someone else’s time. and it’s just too bad if it isn’t done noooooow. mike just really likes to take his time. and that’s okay, because when he does things at his own pace he does a bang-up job!

day 3. something i wore today: mah runnin shorts & shoes. oh yeah. don’t get too excited, folks…it will be slow going for me. here’s the dish: at my recent check up on my back, my doctor was concerned about the lack of healing. the fact that i still have considerable pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility compounded her worries. she said we have 3 options- 1. possible 3rd surgery to put a spacer opposite the one they put in last march, 2. put me in a contraption called a “bone stimulator” (4 hours a day, uncomfortable and very expensive), and 3. physical therapy out the wazoo. we obviously decided to start with #3 so that i hopefully don’t need options 2 or 1. so, that’s the story behind the walking shoes today. physical therapy is expensive too, but walking i can do for free. so we start here. i can’t walk for very long or very fast, but hopefully i can work through the pain and get to a place of real healing.

so i think i just put that down here so i will stay motivated (yeah, health and the threat of surgery should be enough…but you know sometimes pain just keeps me down) i sit a lot during the day sewing and get stuck (once i start i don’t like to stop!) and i often forget to move, stretch and walk. telling *you* here might just hold me a little bit accountable.

so here’s to a healthy back and getting on track! (ha! i’m a poet!) thanks for being here, friends.


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