mama appreciation day

::brown county state park, 1982::

dear mama~

when i was born, you were young but also very strong. you cared  for me despite all the challenges set in your path. when i was growing up you were my world and i looked to you to learn about life and how to live it fully. as i grew older we became friends as well as mother and daughter. you are my oldest and dearest friend. from you i have learned more than i could put down in words. you are the most resilient person i know. not only do you defy all expectations but you do it with humility and grace. you work hard, but you also know how to have fun, how to laugh and live it up!  i still look to you for advice and grounding- you are my rock, mama. thank you for being the mother you have been to me. i love you so very much.

::brown county state park, 2010::


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