day 15. love.

day 15.

he said he would build me a new garden. the old plot had become too shady and really overgrown.  he planned, he thought, he contemplated, be built, he planned some more. i started feeling worried that we would run out of time, that the garden wouldn’t be ready for planting. i couldn’t always see or understand his vision. but i also knew he would come through. and he did! months ago i told him the official planting date is mothers day. well, he worked all weekend and finished this project sunday night! and it’s great! i absolutely LOVE it!

so far i have planted all my pepper plants (all hot pepper for him!) and i have plotted out where the rest of our crops will go. everyday i will sow some seeds and by the weekend we should have a fully planted garden! then we wait some more!

i’ll keep you updated on our garden progress throughout the summer. but i want to know, what are YOU planting? do you have a backyard garden, community garden, potted garden, front yard garden, windowsill garden…? please share!


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