days 16-18 (and then some).

i have been LOVING this spring. i’m not taking a minute for granted! i’m enjoying filthy hands in feet in the dirt of my garden, eating meals on the porch, open windows, yoga outside in the morning, evenings in the hammock with a good book, pink shoulders and my a tired body (the best kind of tired). i feel healthy, alive and happy. fulfilled. opposite of far is thriving, keeping me busy in my studio every day. lately i have had such a wonderful balance of work, rest & play!

day 16. i’ve been working on 3 books lately. usually this would stress me out, but it’s been nice. reading to suit my mood, or the situation.

day 17. smoothies are my current “kick”, i make myself a different one every afternoon.

{i’m working on a post about all my delicious concoctions!}

day 18. something i made.

{these little dolls have been a long time coming! they are much smaller versions of my near & dear dolls}

wee doll, *first doll*, near&dear doll

{the *first doll* was made for sweet little lola about 2 years ago, from there the dolls just got bigger…and now smaller!}

other *NEW* things happening in the opposite of far studio:

batman & robin dolls for 2 little brothers, wee doll annabell, pig mask, wolf mask, sketches for new masks, super hero masks, circus masks for moskiddos clothing line, wee doll amber, beaver headed to singapore!

{and that lovely plastic lady modeling the new masks? that’s francis simone. she was a birthday gift (#25) from allison}

and here are some more photos of what i’ve been up to:

how are you enjoying the spring? i’d love to know!


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