this week’s 10.

i’m not typically into “bucket lists”, though i appreciate the idea. i just don’t want to be disappointed or limited. i’d rather be surprised and boundless!

all that being said, i do like the idea of giving myself little challenges to spice things up. at the end of 2010 i was inspired by a post on one of my favorite blogs, a beautiful mess 4 simple goals (before 2011). i loved the idea of taking a short period of time and making it a litle extra special by setting some fun goals. my goals were: 1. plan a weekly date with mike 2. spend quality time with my camera collection 3. finish my doula checklist 4. make something beautiful everyday. (i have those memorized, by the way!) let’s see….we did plan weekly dates- simple & cheap dates- and it was wonderful! (we had fires & s’mores in our backyard, went to the orchard, played board games instead of watching tv) i also learned to use some of my vintage cameras even though i don’t have access to film, and that was thrilling! unfortunately, my doula checklist was put on hold due to my back issues…but that was out of my control. and i may have not have spent those last 4 months of 2010 making something every day, but i sure do that now! (*disclaimer* i really only did this for 1 month before going into surgery, but i have kept these goals in mind since then and still try to act on them!)

this morning i read a similar post on another favorite blog, enjoying the small things – enjoying: mini bucket. kelle loves a good bucket list- BIG bucket lists! but she challenged herself to a smaller, more simple  mini bucket this week. i actually love this idea and decided to do the same.

so here’s my list:

  1. Go on a moon walk
  2. Have a drink with a friend
  3. Read in my hammock at least 2 times this week
  4. Braid my hair at least one day  (no funky side bun for ONE day!)
  5. Send a care package to a friend
  6. Put new music on my iTouch
  7. Make a new dish (zucchini fritters?!)
  8. Make something just for fun (sew, craft…)
  9. Evening walk with the pups & neighbors
  10. Snuggle & chat on the couch with Mike  for 1 hour (no tv)

i’ll catch up with you on saturday to fill you in on what i checked off! (cause you know that’s what this is really about- check, check, CHECK!)

what would be on your mini bucket?


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