the end of may: days 21-31.

day 21. where i stand.

my favorite place to stand these days!

day 22. pink.

new wee dolls with PINK hair!

day 23. technology.

day 24. something new.

a little bloom.

day 25. something unusual.

treating myself to lunch while running errands. (this never happens!)

day 26. 12 o’clock.

the water was too cold to swim.

day 27. something sweet.

a little snack in my studio. lemonade + kettle corn.

day 28. today’s weather.

it was HOT like our grill.

(hey, check out that GIANT steak we were grilling for dinner!)

day 29. a number.

our home.

day 30. your personality.

i asked mike how he would describe my personality and he said “free spirit”. i was about to go with moody, but free spirit works!

day 31. something beautiful.

there was a storm rolling in late yesterday afternoon. so fitting for the last day of may.


and, of course, i will be doing the june photo a day challenge too!you can follow me on instagram (oppositeoffar), on this blog, or on my facebook page! where can i find your photo a day pics?

find more info about photo a day on fatmumslim blog!


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