friends of opposite of far.

i love getting pictures of kids & adults enjoying the masks and dolls that i make with so much love! and i bet YOU have some super cute photos (or could take some lickedy-split) of you and/or your kiddos wearing an Opposite of Far mask, or playing with a doll or plush animal.

…and that’s why i have decided to run a special little giveaway for all my wonderful customers!

send your pictures to me via or like Opposite of Far on Facebook then tag “Opposite of Far” in your photo/s!

**UPDATE: if you don’t already own an opposite of far mask, but wold like to, take a look at my shop and leave a comment with your favorite mask! EVERYONE gets a chance to win!**

i will be accepting photos until June 22, so get those pics sent my way for your chance to WIN!!

i will choose ONE WINNER randomly (like name-out-of-a-hat-random!) from all the photo entrants to win a special gift from the Opposite of Far shop!

**see more details below!**

this is abi & joslyn modeling masks by opposite of far and pretty tops by their mama: blue eyes & bare feet designs!


contest details:

*the winner will be announced on my blog and on facebook after June 22, once i have collected all the photos and chosen a name out of the hat!

*every photo counts for one “name in the hat”

*don’t have a mask? that’s okay! visit opposite of far on etsy and leave a comment stating your favorite mask! i’ll add your name to the hat!

*please only send one photo per child, but if you have several children, send photos of them ALL  🙂

*i will accept photos of kids or adults (or combination of both) wearing opposite of far masks and/or photos of kids playing with opposite of far dolls or animals

*please include your/or your child’s name and an email address with each photo

*EVERY photo will be posted on my blog unless you specifically ask me not to

*since every photo will be posted on this blog, get creative! have fun with it! use props! try out some silly poses!

*feel free to send me photos i may already have

*if there are TONS of photos sent in, i will choose more than one winner!

*the winning photo can choose any mask from my shop, adult or child sized


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