then, now & later.

boy, oh boy. weeks fly by lately and i find myself finally stopping to take a breath and reflect a little on then, now, and later. so, i’ll take a minute  fill you in.


over the past few weeks i’ve been busy in my studio filling orders & preparing for a show. i love this process; it’s exciting and exhausting and fulfilling and sometimes makes me want to cry. when i think i’ve had just about enough cutting & sewing i stop & try to imagine other jobs i could be doing instead. this makes me smile from ear to ear, realizing i’d rather be nowhere else but here, in my little home studio, making dolls & masks for kids all over the world (just like Santa!)! i feel like such a lucky, lucky girl!

(i mean, seriously? how lucky am i?!)

speaking of dream jobs, (well, my dream jobs, anyway!) last week, i had the pleasure of participating in my local library’s summer program. (i talked about it here). i was in absolute heaven! i was making masks with kids age 5-12- they were so much fun- so creative, surprising, alive and open. it made me miss teaching in a big, big way. i’ll be doing more of this for sure!

these 2 kiddos won my “masks of the day” vote! the little fox made her fox cheeks torn pieces of white construction paper glued oh-so-carefully into place! and the super hero added a very-carefully cut out flame to add to his mask! how rad are these kids?!

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange was last weekend! it was so great to see lots of friends walk into my booth and as always, i love meeting new people too! (there was one particular little guy that taught me a lot of interesting facts about skunks, honey badgers & wolves which reminded me to start up my new series of posts that i’ve had on the back burner for months (more on that soon)! he was one cool kiddo!)

it was a good, good day!


as always, the week following a show is a busy week of catching up in all ways- mike, house work, friends, and busy-work. i have already had a very full week- first trip to the dentist with my little friend lola, friends new house tour, movie date with my man, cleaning, laundry, e-mails, birthday drinks with friends…and i have LOTS more busy-ness planned for the rest of the week too! it feels good to have a week of catch-up right now!

i’m also extremely excited to be planning my baby sisters wedding shower! i have a few sneak peeks for you, but i want some things to be a secret! i only get to throw ONE wedding shower for my ONE little sis, so i’m having tons of fun with it! i know she’ll love it!


tissue paper flowers

i’ve burned myself out on instagram. for now. i know my obsession will resurface (they always do)! i want to pick up my “real” camera a little more often and share more of those photos here instead on only ever giving you my iPhotos.


mike and i have some celebrating to do this weekend…it’s our anniversary! we’re going back to the place we got married 2 years ago and i can’t wait to spend the whole weekend (+monday!) with my husband! i will share more about our anniversary weekend next week!

happiest day ever!

and last but not least…next week i will begin sharing some things i have been working (really hard!) on –  fun & informative new posts for this little blog! i have been wanting to take a slightly different approach to my blogging and include the kiddos a bit more, so very soon you will start to see interactive posts you can share with the kids in your life (or just enjoy on your own)! i have a lot to say and share about kids and all things related, and i believe this a the perfect place to offer up what i have squirreled away for years now! i hope you find it helpful, fun, exciting, and/or interesting.

there will even be some exciting opposite of far giveaways included in these new & exciting posts…excited yet?!


and as always (cause i can’t say it enough) thank you all so much for coming back here from time to time to read what i share here! i love having this space as a creative outlet!

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