several months ago i was contacted by a sweet woman named noami. she creates a lovely clothing line called moskiddos. for her spring/summer 2013 line, she is using a circus theme for inspiration in her clothing and accessories. she asked if i would be interested in creating some masks especially for her, using circus animals and bright neon colors. i was so honored to be asked and so pleased to become a part of the moskiddos line (i love their philosophy on design and getting dressed using organic and sustainable materials)! i recently finished and shipped off the first batch of masks and noami sent me these 2 sneak peeks from the upcoming lookbook!

i am astounded at the how far opposite of far has come in just 1 year. i went from drawing doll ideas in a notebook from my recovery bed to making circus animal masks for a clothing line in san francisco! (pardon me while i beam a bit!)

*masks by opposite of far for moskiddos are: lion, tiger, bear and monkey*

(p.s. the lion mask is my favorite)


here’s a little more info about moskiddos:

MOSKIDDOS makes clothes and accessories for kids and adults alike. We dress kids and adults who don’t mind getting dirty while having a good time.

Mokiddos is made for easy-going people; Moskiddos cares about people and the planet; Moskiddos loves utility and simplicity without forgetting the details that make us happy; Moskiddos is all about comfort and practicality with aesthetics; Moskiddos loves mixing basics with special clothes; Moskiddos is timeless yet contemporary; Moskiddos loves to be loved…  

This is why we make simple clothes with style and an eye on design and quality. We use 100% certified organic cotton and sustainable fabrics. We use recycled paper and water-soluble ink for all our printing purposes and work with a local factory in San Francisco, California, where our clothes are made.

if you’re interested in learning even more about moskiddos, check out their blog!

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