2 years married.

2 years ago we got married in the woods with friends and family watching, supporting and celebrating us!

this weekend we revisited the spot where we said our vows.

we had THE BEST time!

we didn’t take any pictures, but the majority of our time was spent in the indoor “aquatic park” – we lounged in the hot tub, floated in the lazy river and shot down the water slide several times.



fyi: my new favorite beer is cat’s tail wheat by big woods brewing co.

quaff: [kwof, kwaf, kwawf] verb : to drink a beverage, especially an intoxicating one, copiously and with hearty enjoyment.


nashville alley scenes:

this van made my night!
after dinner we headed to hesitation point to watch the sunset.

this is where we went hiking 3 years ago and decided on that day that we would get married in this park.

sadly, the trail head we hiked 3 years ago is now non-existent. (it should be right there behind mike, but it’s all overgrown)

see that cloud on the right? it’s getting ready to devour the sun + cloud on the left!

mike said this was the first time he had ever watched a full sunset. so happy it was with me!


back at the lodge, after sunset, we decided we desperately needed some cards.

the gift shop did not disappoint!

we played a loooooooong round of WAR then mike taught me how to play poker.

(we may have shared 4 beers and a whole bottle of wine by this time, so “teaching” and “learning” are loosely used terms here!)

we laughed a lot.

then we enjoyed some hotel room s’mores. it was so perfect!


and back home on monday night- our actual anniversary-we enjoyed our “fancy dinner” at malibu grill

(thank you gretchen!)

we went all out- cocktails, appetizer, steak & fish, and even dessert! it was fantastic and quite special!

while at dinner we talked about the past 2 years of marriage, where we are now, where we hope to be next year. it’s amazing to look back over the past two years and remember what it felt like at the beginning of each year. our first year was nothing like what we expected. and at the beginning of year 2 we weren’t sure at all what the year would bring. but now, looking back we can see how far we’ve come, how much we have grown individually and as a team. we have set goals and reached them, even exceeded some! we have learned to be together in more meaningful ways. we respect one another but also know how to push buttons. we love each other more deeply, more comfortably. we are better at compromising and solving problems. and i can imagine that another year will bring even more insight, even more commitment, an even deeper understanding our love for each other and more appreciation of our life together.

happy anniversary to us!

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