4th of july tradition.

this year we held our 4th annual (or is it only the 3rd annual?) 4th of july party in our backyard! anyway, 3rd year, 4th year…it’s just so fun!

lola chilaxin’ in the kiddie pool

griffin is a master dinosaur imitator. it’s impressive.

mike and lola had a deep, meaningful conversation about popsicles

(yes, mike is sporting his creeper mustache again this year, and yes, it is temporary! here he is last year at our county fair!)

poor baby max was tired and hot. (this is how old lola was when we started this tradition!)

new friends christina & kristof joined us this year. we like them.

apparently, the water table water is far better than dog bowl water.

so, whatcha got there lola? huh?

sally is a rave goddess. just look at that spin!

and regardless of the burn ban here, our trusty firefighters provided us with a stellar fire works show!


check out little lola at our previous 3 years of 4th of july


2011…check out the party pics here!


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