photo a day july- first half.

day 1. self portrait.

day 2. frankie is so busy all the time.

day 3. best part of my day was finding bright treasures.

day 4. fun. mike surprised me with the morning showing of moonrise kingdom. i squealed. it was amazing.

day 5. on the floor.

day 6. my favorite new *FREE* chairs.

day 7. my garden brings me endless joy.

day 8. lunch. bloody mary in dc.

day 9. big museums & buildings in DC. this is the portrait gallery.

day 1o. favorite color- city edition.

day 11. letter + frankie.

day 12. texture.

day 13. enjoying open windows after weeks of oppressive heat.

day 14. building.

day 15. big brother + little brother fingers.

(i was honored when a friend asked me to take photos of their new little guy! you can see more here!)

and here’s the list for photo-a-day july, in case you missed it :

come find me on instagram, i’m oppositeoffar


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