alley art: district of columbia.

one of my favorite things about cities is graffiti- the grittiness, the precision, the often overlooked paint that becomes part of the landscape. DC is filled with beautiful and artistic graffiti. but i’m i big a sucker for the beautiful-ugly cover-up graffiti too. ugly things sometimes move me more than beautiful things. for years i documented/photographed deserted shopping carts. it was an obsession, i loved them dearly and felt giddy every time i found a new cart full of found items & objects of improtance. to someone, that cart once carried very precious items, and maybe was even considered “home”. the carts were often wrecked, or at least dirty and had been left behind for one reason or another. most people overlook them because they end up blending in, becoming part of the drive or walk home. and if they disappeared no one noticed. except me. those carts were a lot like the graffiti i saw last week in DC. left behind, marks of something + someone that has passed through. overlooked and under appreciated. the gravity of it lost on the passers-by. the expression + meaning misunderstood, ignored, or simply unnoticed. i looked, i noticed. i found beauty in it.

remember my post a couple weeks ago, wandering around cincinnati, finding beauty in the city!

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