i received very unique request recently: “Can you make dinosaur masks?” a smile spread across my face when i read that. can i? well, sure i can! i am always happy to take on a good creative challenge! this request came from a bride in california. i was so curious about a couple wanting dino masks for their wedding day, i knew there had to be a story there….so, here’s the story:

“We decided on the dinosaur theme because my fiance and I both love them. He’s a science journalist and often writes about them, also he proposed to me in a museum filled with dinosaur fossils. 🙂 Its hard to find dinosaur items that are fun, classy and not tacky, and obviously i’m using your masks as props for the photos – and I think our guests would absolutely love them cuz they are so unique and made from felt too!”

very sweet! and here are the masks i made for tina & her soon-to-be husband: (in their wedding colors, of course!)

i’ll be posting more custom/unique animal masks soon…do you have an animal challenge for me? i’d love to hear your ideas!

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