growing, or not.

last winter and spring all i could think about was what my garden would look like, what food it would bring to our table throughout the spring, summer and early fall. i imagined the digging and  planting then proudly walking through the soil in bare feet, just admiring my strong plants. and that was just what i did! i dug, sweated, planted, meandered, admired, harvested, and ate in that garden. i loved it and showed it off proudly to friends and neighbors. mike and i would visit the garden together every evening to collect our days bounty.


until the sprinkler was no longer enough water to feed my plants. it was hotter than hot, the rain hadn’t come in too long and our water bill had quadrupled. we were forced to stop watering my precious garden.  the plants dried up and (mostly) stopped producing. then they began wilting…that is one of the saddest sights- rows of plants wilting in the heat, unripened fruit clinging to the last bit of nutrients the soil has to offer. for awhile we diligently collected water from our showers and any time it did rain, there were buckets collecting rain water to use later. but it just wasn’t enough.

just look how pretty my garden was:

(keep reading for some GREAT tips!)

peas just beginning

climbing/growing peas

(i’m not sure the peas liked being in the boxes, next year they will go in the ground!)

strong bell pepperslittle watermeloncherry tomatoes- we ate thousands!

ever-so-useful mint

i am thankful (of course) for the food we did collect from our garden, but it’s so sad to watch so many plants die before they should. i already have plans for how to make the garden better next year. some of those plans start with the way we “close” the garden this year- tilling, laying out compost & straw, etc. but also, this article will help greatly in preparing, planning and caring for my future gardens. including how to prepare your soil, plan your layout, which plants to choose, and a video about the planting technique called three sisters garden. i hope it helps you too!

so now my garden is dry and sad and we count ourselves lucky to find fruit in there. with the little spurts of recent rain, we have still had strawberries and mint  (in containers, so they hold the water better) and some cherry tomatoes (which i think could grow in the middle of a desert)! my basil, however hated the soil in our garden and barely grew or produced at all. next year, i think i’ll put the basil in containers too, since that has worked for me in the past. this article about growing herbs in containers will be very useful to me next year!

what tricks for gardening in unforgiving soil, dry weather (read: drought), unrelenting heat do you have up your sleeve? please share any advice, articles, tricks and/or ideas in the comments below! i’d love to hear from you!

(thank you, allison for the great articles! keep em coming!)

Halloween Masks

Are you starting to think about your Halloween Costume?

**Well you should!!!**

Opposite of Far Masks are local, handmade, unique, original and easy for Halloween!

Keep in mind that I take custom requests and make tails as well!

tails: red fox, orange fox, pink fox, raccoon, beaver, squirrel, deer…any tail can be added to any mask!

{tails are available for babies, children & adults!}

Here’s the timeline:
*I will accept CUSTOM mask/tail orders for Halloween until October 10
*I will take all other (regular) mask/tail Halloween orders until October 20
*The last shipment for Halloween orders will ship on October 24 (domestic orders)

custom Fox McCloud mask, for a little guy in Bakersfield, CA

So, don’t wait! Order today to secure your awesome Halloween Costume!
*If there is a mask you know I make but don’t see in my shop, just send me a message! All masks are up for grabs for Halloween orders!


there’s a new shop in town…well in fargo, north dakota! it’s called unglued : market, and they now carry opposite of far masks! if you happen to be in fargo, stop in and give them some love! and if you’re nowhere near fargo, stop by their blog to see what they’re up to, or their facebook page for daily updates!

*thank you, unglued for bringing opposite of far masks to a new state!

rock star masks.

about 2 months ago i was contacted by taygan to order some (11) custom masks for the upcoming EP photo shoot for her boyfriend eli’s band skyways are highways. they make their “punk drenched, 60s inspired sunshine pop” music in melbourne, australia. she had some really fun and interesting requests and as always, I was more than happy to take on the challenge of making new masks! i can’t wait to see the EP with skyways are highways wearing opposite of far masks!

the band.

robin maskbee mask

fish maskbull mask

rooster mask

bear masksea gullram mask


i’ll be back with more from skyways are highways in september!

photo a day july- second half.

wrapping up july with the second half of my “photo-a-day” pics:

day 16. sign.

(at the gym)

day 17 addiction.

(starbucks chai…you know this)

day 18. plate.

(veggies for dinner)

day 19. animal.


day 20. eyes.

(lola’s eyes melt me…and her ice cream, apparently)

day 21. 9 o’clock.
(ready for leslie’s bridal shower)

day 22. upside down.

(bruce. his favorite sleeping/cuddling position)

day 23. mirror.

(light+ shadows)

day 24. stranger.

(dear rain, we miss you. next time you should stay longer than 3 minutes)

day 25. heart.

(because i heart cool mornings)

day 26. sunshine.

(going down…)

day 27. on the road.

(still feels like going “home”)

day 28. cup.
(filled with sparkling water + fresh mint ice cubes)

day 29. something i bought.

(dollhouse. score.)

day 30. calm.

(a pool with no bodies)

day 31. toothbrush.

(his + hers)


so there you have it! another month of photo-a-day!

and here are the prompts for august, in case you would like to play along!

photo a day challenges come from fat mum slim!

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