photo a day july- second half.

wrapping up july with the second half of my “photo-a-day” pics:

day 16. sign.

(at the gym)

day 17 addiction.

(starbucks chai…you know this)

day 18. plate.

(veggies for dinner)

day 19. animal.


day 20. eyes.

(lola’s eyes melt me…and her ice cream, apparently)

day 21. 9 o’clock.
(ready for leslie’s bridal shower)

day 22. upside down.

(bruce. his favorite sleeping/cuddling position)

day 23. mirror.

(light+ shadows)

day 24. stranger.

(dear rain, we miss you. next time you should stay longer than 3 minutes)

day 25. heart.

(because i heart cool mornings)

day 26. sunshine.

(going down…)

day 27. on the road.

(still feels like going “home”)

day 28. cup.
(filled with sparkling water + fresh mint ice cubes)

day 29. something i bought.

(dollhouse. score.)

day 30. calm.

(a pool with no bodies)

day 31. toothbrush.

(his + hers)


so there you have it! another month of photo-a-day!

and here are the prompts for august, in case you would like to play along!

photo a day challenges come from fat mum slim!

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