Halloween Masks

Are you starting to think about your Halloween Costume?

**Well you should!!!**

Opposite of Far Masks are local, handmade, unique, original and easy for Halloween!

Keep in mind that I take custom requests and make tails as well!

tails: red fox, orange fox, pink fox, raccoon, beaver, squirrel, deer…any tail can be added to any mask!

{tails are available for babies, children & adults!}

Here’s the timeline:
*I will accept CUSTOM mask/tail orders for Halloween until October 10
*I will take all other (regular) mask/tail Halloween orders until October 20
*The last shipment for Halloween orders will ship on October 24 (domestic orders)

custom Fox McCloud mask, for a little guy in Bakersfield, CA

So, don’t wait! Order today to secure your awesome Halloween Costume!
*If there is a mask you know I make but don’t see in my shop, just send me a message! All masks are up for grabs for Halloween orders!


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