kids in masks are cute.

Halloween may be over, but I never get tired of seeing little kiddos in Opposite of Far masks!

I have had some incredible photos sent to be by my lovely customers & I just can’t get enough!!

*I also want to note that I am completely in love with the Instagram community! I have met, found, and happened upon some truly lovely people. It’s amazing to share and bits & pieces of my life as well as see others in a safe and supportive space. Many of the people below are IG “friends”- if you are on on IG, do follow them! If not, I urge you to join in on the fun! you can follow me too: @oppositeoffar*

I love this sweet family of foxes in san diego (see dad’s red fox mask? it’s on his hat!)  Jamie also happens to be a very talented photographer- check out her blog!

(@desertfete on Instagram)

Casey & her family currently reside in Scotland, but still celebrated Halloween this year. Her oldest son requested a giraffe mask + tail for himself and a purple hippo for little brother! check out her blog too!

(@cabaudoin on Instagram)

this little sweetie found her super mask at wholly craft in columbus, ohio. check out her dad’s photography website.

this cute couple spent a day at the zoo posing in Opposite of Far Panda Masks!

kati dimoff is a brilliant photographer and her littles make some pretty fantastic foxes, don’t you think?! i love that they re-created the grocery store scene from the movie, fantastic mr. fox!

(@kdimoff on Instagram)

another fantastic photographer and IG friend, Isabel has two little guys who like wearing masks too!

(@ifurie on Instagram)

my friend Candice‘s little one dressed as a bundled up raccoon for Halloween!

(@cordialkitten on Instagram)

This is Phaedra & Niko- he wanted mama to be the Rat King (from The Nutcracker) for Halloween, Opposite of Far happily obliged!

and last but not least, I let out a happy squeal when I saw this photo on Instagram- posted by Photojojo!
(@photojojo on Instagram)


*If you have photos of you and/or your littles in Opposite of Far masks, please send them my way!*



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