Brickyard Buffalo + Nat the Fat Rat

I feel SO honored to be one of Natalie Holbrook’s guest editor picks on Brickyard Buffalo this week! I’ve been reading her blog for a couple years now. She’s funny & real… I just can’t get enough! Natalie writes about being a mama to Huck, fake eyelashes, food, infertility, New York City and being in love with her red-headed husband. I love her sense of humor and feel like we’re kindred spirits when it comes to “taste”- from her obsession with chocolate cookies & other sweets to her love of antlers, arrows & animals! Seeing her & Huck in my masks was really something special this morning! Thanks, Natalie for thinking my masks are cool & for choosing Opposite of Far to spotlight this week! And thanks to the gals at Brickyard Buffalo for hosting a space for handmade businesses like Opposite of Far to be showcased & supported!

Nat the Fat Rat*not only do I feel immensely cool for being chosen by Natalie…look at my fellow artists up there!! –

Yarn Bombed Antlers, Eleventy-Five, Boogy Boos, Squackdoodle, Aramelle Jewelry & Minetter + Milo

Thank you again, Brickyard Buffalo + Natalie!



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