Porter Flea.

I traveled to Nashville, TN recently to sell Opposite of Far masks +tails at Porter Flea and had the best time ever! The venue was amazing, the organizers were fantastic, the shoppers were stellar,  the other vendors were so delightful-Nashville overall was so welcoming! Thank you Nashville and Porter Flea for the best show of my life!

porter flea YAY! makers gonna make t-shirt by jude landry

PorterFlea!photo by emily spence

check out more stunning porter flea photos by emily spence!

more shots from the weekend

we arrived Friday afternoon for the preview show and were stunned at how cool the venue was!


IMG_6306these things were weird and pretty- wheels by arcade death

IMG_6318i was still so sick…at one point i wasn’t sure i would make it through the evening!


IMG_6327amazing breakfast + stunning view = happy crafters

IMG_6308IMG_6321all set up inside hangar #2


IMG_6338suddenly the sky turned dark and …


… it poured! but no one’s spirits were dampened!

IMG_6346 this little stack of masks is all that was left after a busy day at Porter Flea!

I met so many great artists, fans and new friends. Thanks for a great weekend Nashville!

porter flea poster


Bloomington is a great place to call home for many reasons. One of the best reasons is the community I have found here. Not only have I found brilliant  artists to connect with, but I can also call these women and men my friends! It’s often difficult to gather friends & artists due to everyone’s demanding schedules. The perfect solution: a gathering for the creative community that is comfortable and relaxed while also allowing them to show & sell their work. This weekend was the first of a series of  these gatherings or boutique-type shows organized by Talia (and hosted today by Lori).

This was a low-key event featuring 7 local artists, yummy local cupcakes (by the lucky cupcake), mimosas, and plenty of chatting! It was a lovely afternoon for mingling with friends and supporting their work. I’m  looking forward to the next event, planned for May 4th at The Green Nursery!

And now for a barrage of photos from the event:

Deesum Designs

Molly makes pretty little state & country pendants as well as stunning statement necklaces made from antler & stones. my favorite piece is the antler necklace…I brought one home with me (let’s call it an early Valentines Day gift to myself!)




Sabun by Soapy Soap Company

Run by the super-duo Mohammed & Anthony, Sabun Soaps are just divine! They come in some of  my personal favorite combos too: rosemary-mint & lavender-tea tree oil!  These soaps are all natural and made right here in Bloomington! You’ll be seeing these guys around quite a bit now…they’re even in Whole Foods!

IMG_3778 IMG_3776

Conduit Press

…is no stranger to this blog! You’ve heard me sing Talia’s praises time & time again. Her journals & book safes just can’t be beat!

IMG_3806 IMG_3798

JO Designs

Jaime has been a maker of pretty paper journals & custom scrapbooks for some time now, but she has recently designed a line of crocheted jewelry that is pretty, delicate and versatile. I took home a bracelet that’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe for the rest of the winter!

IMG_3795 IMG_3794

Charm HouseLori was our gracious host for the event as well as being the maker of some really fun jewelry and wine charms. If you’re in need of a unique hostess gift- her wine charms are perfect! I’m the girl who constantly loses her drink at gatherings…luckily we all had Lori’s wine charms on our mimosa glasses, so I always knew which randomly placed glass belonged to me!

IMG_3820 IMG_3813 IMG_3792 IMG_3814

Vincent Dejardins: Illustrator

I’m a big fan of Vincent’s original illustrations, but today I couldn’t resist his vintage Valentines! They’re all so charming.  I love Vincent’s range of talent & content.

IMG_3809 IMG_3810

Lit Knits

Laura makes the softest, prettiest & warmest knitted cowls, beanies, headbands & fingerless gloves. She has unique (& enviable) personal style which shines through in her work. I also love her knit ties for the guys!

IMG_3804 IMG_3805

The Lucky Cupcake

You really can’t beat a good cupcake, can you?! Well, Felicia knows how to whip up some DARN good cupcakes! Thank goodness they were mini size, cause I had about 10. yum.


I’ve said it once already, but I’m really looking forward to more of these gatherings. Oh, and did I mention there’s a blog you can follow too? It’s appropriately called the gathering.

it’s almost halloween!

if you’re planning a halloween party…or any party for that matter, you need to know about lulu’s etsy shop! she makes the most impressive detail-oriented parties i have ever seen! check out her facebook page for even more fun party photos!

i’m here today though to share with you the photos she sent me of her adorable children modeling opposite of far owl masks while enjoying a spooky party in the woods! i love photos from customers, but these are just ridiculously cute! don’t you want to join this party??

not one detail is overlooked! have you ever seen a cuter owl??can you just imagine how fun this party would be?

order your owl masks today then hop over to lulu’s to get all your party supplies!

all photos by kendy schimmel photography

<thank you lyndsey for sending me all these lovely photos, i can’t get enough!!!>


there’s a new shop in town…well in fargo, north dakota! it’s called unglued : market, and they now carry opposite of far masks! if you happen to be in fargo, stop in and give them some love! and if you’re nowhere near fargo, stop by their blog to see what they’re up to, or their facebook page for daily updates!

*thank you, unglued for bringing opposite of far masks to a new state!

friends of opposite of far.

i have some new friends to share with you all!

this is virginia. she is the very talented daughter of 2 very talented parents! candice is a genius artist, and brandon is a genius graphic designer! and lucky everyone- we’re friends with a genius photographer, michelle spitz!

isn’t virginia just lovely in her raccoon mask?

this is bridger. he’s a SUPER brother! i just photographed him & his new brother recently!

this is matt. he lives in los angeles. he wears his fox mask to work. that makes me smile!

and look at this! sweet little adelaide baby with her new adelaide doll by opposite of far! what a perfect match!

baby adelaide has a very sweet aunt who also happens to be a fantastic artist too! check out kristin’s work!

friends of opposite of far: a winner!

 thanks to those of you who participated in the friends of opposite of far giveaway earlier this month!

i put your names in a hat:   and blindly chose the winner…

congratulations samantha!!

you win the opposite of far mask of your choice!

(contact me via oppositeoffar@gmail.com so i can get your mask sent to you!)


and here are photos shared by two families who love their opposite of far masks:

this little guy likes to sleep in his orange fox mask!

and these sweet kiddos like to wear their masks to the zoo!


i sincerely thank you all for participating! i love the photos you sent and the sweet comments you left me here and on facebook!

if you missed this contest but have some super awesome pics of your kiddos wearing opposite of far masks, please send them my way! i’d love to add your photos to my friends of opposite of far gallery!

blog love.

the lovely blog fable + lore included the red fox mask by opposite of far in her moonrise kingdom inspiration post!

moonrise kingdom inspiration board by fable + lore

what an honor to be included by this fellow blogger & etsy artist with such great taste (thank you chelsie)!

 i’m also pretty giddy about being categorized with anything having to do with wes anderson! i adore every single movie he has ever made and can not wait to see moonrise kingdom! wes anderson’s movies give me inspiration goose bumps just thinking about them! have you seen any or all of them? which is your favorite? i’m not sure i could decide on a favorite!


check out fable + lore’s etsy shop too for really beautiful and unique jewelry & accessories!

this is my absolute favorite item in her shop:

*have a great weekend, friends!*

friends of opposite of far.

i love getting pictures of kids & adults enjoying the masks and dolls that i make with so much love! and i bet YOU have some super cute photos (or could take some lickedy-split) of you and/or your kiddos wearing an Opposite of Far mask, or playing with a doll or plush animal.

…and that’s why i have decided to run a special little giveaway for all my wonderful customers!

send your pictures to me via oppositeoffar@gmail.com or like Opposite of Far on Facebook then tag “Opposite of Far” in your photo/s!

**UPDATE: if you don’t already own an opposite of far mask, but wold like to, take a look at my shop and leave a comment with your favorite mask! EVERYONE gets a chance to win!**

i will be accepting photos until June 22, so get those pics sent my way for your chance to WIN!!

i will choose ONE WINNER randomly (like name-out-of-a-hat-random!) from all the photo entrants to win a special gift from the Opposite of Far shop!

**see more details below!**

this is abi & joslyn modeling masks by opposite of far and pretty tops by their mama: blue eyes & bare feet designs!


contest details:

*the winner will be announced on my blog and on facebook after June 22, once i have collected all the photos and chosen a name out of the hat!

*every photo counts for one “name in the hat”

*don’t have a mask? that’s okay! visit opposite of far on etsy and leave a comment stating your favorite mask! i’ll add your name to the hat!

*please only send one photo per child, but if you have several children, send photos of them ALL  🙂

*i will accept photos of kids or adults (or combination of both) wearing opposite of far masks and/or photos of kids playing with opposite of far dolls or animals

*please include your/or your child’s name and an email address with each photo

*EVERY photo will be posted on my blog unless you specifically ask me not to

*since every photo will be posted on this blog, get creative! have fun with it! use props! try out some silly poses!

*feel free to send me photos i may already have

*if there are TONS of photos sent in, i will choose more than one winner!

*the winning photo can choose any mask from my shop, adult or child sized


then, now & later.

boy, oh boy. weeks fly by lately and i find myself finally stopping to take a breath and reflect a little on then, now, and later. so, i’ll take a minute  fill you in.


over the past few weeks i’ve been busy in my studio filling orders & preparing for a show. i love this process; it’s exciting and exhausting and fulfilling and sometimes makes me want to cry. when i think i’ve had just about enough cutting & sewing i stop & try to imagine other jobs i could be doing instead. this makes me smile from ear to ear, realizing i’d rather be nowhere else but here, in my little home studio, making dolls & masks for kids all over the world (just like Santa!)! i feel like such a lucky, lucky girl!

(i mean, seriously? how lucky am i?!)

speaking of dream jobs, (well, my dream jobs, anyway!) last week, i had the pleasure of participating in my local library’s summer program. (i talked about it here). i was in absolute heaven! i was making masks with kids age 5-12- they were so much fun- so creative, surprising, alive and open. it made me miss teaching in a big, big way. i’ll be doing more of this for sure!

these 2 kiddos won my “masks of the day” vote! the little fox made her fox cheeks torn pieces of white construction paper glued oh-so-carefully into place! and the super hero added a very-carefully cut out flame to add to his mask! how rad are these kids?!

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange was last weekend! it was so great to see lots of friends walk into my booth and as always, i love meeting new people too! (there was one particular little guy that taught me a lot of interesting facts about skunks, honey badgers & wolves which reminded me to start up my new series of posts that i’ve had on the back burner for months (more on that soon)! he was one cool kiddo!)

it was a good, good day!


as always, the week following a show is a busy week of catching up in all ways- mike, house work, friends, and busy-work. i have already had a very full week- first trip to the dentist with my little friend lola, friends new house tour, movie date with my man, cleaning, laundry, e-mails, birthday drinks with friends…and i have LOTS more busy-ness planned for the rest of the week too! it feels good to have a week of catch-up right now!

i’m also extremely excited to be planning my baby sisters wedding shower! i have a few sneak peeks for you, but i want some things to be a secret! i only get to throw ONE wedding shower for my ONE little sis, so i’m having tons of fun with it! i know she’ll love it!


tissue paper flowers

i’ve burned myself out on instagram. for now. i know my obsession will resurface (they always do)! i want to pick up my “real” camera a little more often and share more of those photos here instead on only ever giving you my iPhotos.


mike and i have some celebrating to do this weekend…it’s our anniversary! we’re going back to the place we got married 2 years ago and i can’t wait to spend the whole weekend (+monday!) with my husband! i will share more about our anniversary weekend next week!

happiest day ever!

and last but not least…next week i will begin sharing some things i have been working (really hard!) on –  fun & informative new posts for this little blog! i have been wanting to take a slightly different approach to my blogging and include the kiddos a bit more, so very soon you will start to see interactive posts you can share with the kids in your life (or just enjoy on your own)! i have a lot to say and share about kids and all things related, and i believe this a the perfect place to offer up what i have squirreled away for years now! i hope you find it helpful, fun, exciting, and/or interesting.

there will even be some exciting opposite of far giveaways included in these new & exciting posts…excited yet?!


and as always (cause i can’t say it enough) thank you all so much for coming back here from time to time to read what i share here! i love having this space as a creative outlet!

at the library.

i love hearing what people plan to use their masks for- usually it’s playtime/dress up, birthday parties, or weddings. but it especially warms my heart knowing my masks will be used in a library program or other learning situation. there is so much you can do with a mask; when you slip it on you instantly become another character! librarians are brilliant at using resources and coming up with fabulous ideas that both entertain and educate children of all ages.

today i am shipping a set of 3 masks to a library in New York! here’s the note i received with the order:

Your masks are great! Our library’s summer reading theme for 2012 is night creatures so we would like to order the raccoon, owl, and skunk masks. We put each child into a mask and take their picture for a guessing game all July and August. These are perfect! Stillwater Free Library Stillwater, New York.

such a fun idea! i love it!

and on thursday of  this week i will be hanging out at my local library as part of the kick-off for their summer reading program .this years theme is “dream big”. i will have a mask-making station for kids to make their very own super-hero mask! i’m very excited to work with stephanie, the children’s librarian (for 13 years!) the masks we are making on thursday will be paper, makers and glue- but i know the kids will love them nonetheless! i’ll even have some of my felt masks there for the kids to try on and play with.  (monroe county library- ellettsville branch– if you are local, stop by on thursday- they have a fantastic kids program this summer!)

libraries offer wonderful programs for kids during the summer. it’s worth it to look into, no matter your kids ages. children’s librarians work very hard to make the library an extra fun  (and educational) place to hang out. even if you don’t have kids, i challenge you to find a children’s librarian this summer and thank her/him for making your local library come alive! (and while you’re there, grab a few books, movies, and some music- cause it’s free!)