Woodland Easter :: The Party!

Confetti Sunshine Blog added 2 new posts for the Woodland Easter Party- The Party & a pretty DIY no-sew felt banner that will brighten up any spring party!


red fox mask, owl mask (custom colors) and rabbit mask (custom colors)

*any Opposite of Far mask can be made in custom colors to perfectly match your event, child’s space or style!*woodland-easter-party-3

I’d love to see photos of your spring parties too! 🙂

a little ditty.

i recently listened to the new feist album- metals…it is tremendous! the last song  especially stuck me though – you can watch this short preview video get it wrong, get it right (i mean, she’s playing with little goats- be still my heart!). i have listened to this song probably 100 times already! instantly the words  calmed me and that i wanted to see them everyday, not just hear them.

i have seen several inspiring ideas of people painting/writing  lyrics or special words onto an existing painting but never had words quite right to do so myself. but this song just moves me. i love it. so i had in mind that i needed to find a large painting so i could finish this project. since i thought that was a long shot, i decided that i could make do with a large canvas, it would just take much longer to finish and might not come out exactly how i wanted. the other day i was running errands and on a whim stopped into goodwill, just to see if there was by chance a large painting. well, there just so happened to be the perfect sized painting in the perfect colors, just perfect for my project!

frankie may be doubting my project


we will soon be moving a tall dresser into our bedroom, so i hung the painting high on the wall so it can be seen from bed- i can read it every morning when i wake up! i am so happy with how this turned out!

more bedroom re-do coming soon!


check out these other fun wall art and painting on painting ideas:

lyric wall art on a beautiful mess

lyrics on vinyl on design sponge

paint swatch wall art on a beautiful mess

chelsea & tec petaja home tour on design sponge

{3rd picture down on the home tour: “we’re better together” painting….LOVE it!}

paint your wall on pencil box

{this idea is crazy amazing- katie is so very talented! i would love to do this some day!}


do you have any painting ideas or projects you’d like to share? post a picture or idea in the comments section! i would love to see what you’ve come up with!