Bunny Style

I am crazy about the new(ish) blog MINe Styleblog! Have you seen it yet? This team of ladies know good kiddo style and they present it on the cutest & coolest blog! I stopped by this morning & found a round up of super cute Bunny Styles including the Opposite of Far Rabbit Mask! <thanks MINe Team!>


(please check out the MINe Styleblog Bunny Style post for info on the items above!)


These ladies have some exciting things up their sleeves…stay tuned for more!

Oh, and if you don’t already, you should follow them on Instagram :: @min_estyle




do you know dallas clayton?he’s a pretty awesome guy who has some pretty awesome things to say to kids all over the world.

he’s doing some pretty awesome things for kids too, like touring the U.S. to “champion children’s literacy, raise awareness for issues dealing with global nutrition and inspire kids of all ages to dream big”.

THAT is awesome!

have you read an awesome book?

it’s awesome.

photo courtesy of smaller magazine

and you can read it herefor free!!

(see…totally awesome, right?!)

panda baby!

did you hear? the panda, mei xiang, at the national zoo had a cub on sunday!

here’s a video of the mama and cub, you can’t see the cub yet, but you can sure hear it! you can watch them LIVE on panda cam via the national zoo website!

and to celebrate the new panda cub, you can dress yourself and your baby or kiddo as a pandas!

opposite of far panda mask

update: panda mama, mei xiang lost her cub. it was a sad day at the zoo.