Country Themed 1st Birthday.

Megan Bailey of Sweet Little Peanut Blog contacted me about making a barnyard mask set for her little Bennie’s 1st birthday party. I was more than happy to create these fun farm animal masks! Bennie’s birthday party was adorable, of course! Megan has an eye for design and her parties are always top notch cute + fun!

Barnyard partyBarnyard party 2

Photography: Sarah Knight Photography

kids in masks are cute.

Halloween may be over, but I never get tired of seeing little kiddos in Opposite of Far masks!

I have had some incredible photos sent to be by my lovely customers & I just can’t get enough!!

*I also want to note that I am completely in love with the Instagram community! I have met, found, and happened upon some truly lovely people. It’s amazing to share and bits & pieces of my life as well as see others in a safe and supportive space. Many of the people below are IG “friends”- if you are on on IG, do follow them! If not, I urge you to join in on the fun! you can follow me too: @oppositeoffar*

I love this sweet family of foxes in san diego (see dad’s red fox mask? it’s on his hat!)  Jamie also happens to be a very talented photographer- check out her blog!

(@desertfete on Instagram)

Casey & her family currently reside in Scotland, but still celebrated Halloween this year. Her oldest son requested a giraffe mask + tail for himself and a purple hippo for little brother! check out her blog too!

(@cabaudoin on Instagram)

this little sweetie found her super mask at wholly craft in columbus, ohio. check out her dad’s photography website.

this cute couple spent a day at the zoo posing in Opposite of Far Panda Masks!

kati dimoff is a brilliant photographer and her littles make some pretty fantastic foxes, don’t you think?! i love that they re-created the grocery store scene from the movie, fantastic mr. fox!

(@kdimoff on Instagram)

another fantastic photographer and IG friend, Isabel has two little guys who like wearing masks too!

(@ifurie on Instagram)

my friend Candice‘s little one dressed as a bundled up raccoon for Halloween!

(@cordialkitten on Instagram)

This is Phaedra & Niko- he wanted mama to be the Rat King (from The Nutcracker) for Halloween, Opposite of Far happily obliged!

and last but not least, I let out a happy squeal when I saw this photo on Instagram- posted by Photojojo!
(@photojojo on Instagram)


*If you have photos of you and/or your littles in Opposite of Far masks, please send them my way!*



Instagram: @oppositeoffar

costume time!

Opposite of Far has been HOPPIN’ these last several weeks! I’ve been sending masks + tails all over the country (and to Paris & Scotland too)! These masks + tails are great for kids…but they aren’t JUST for kids!  I’ve actually had more requests for adults masks + tails this year! They make the perfect easy + cute costume for adult Halloween party-goers.  And because they make the perfect adult Halloween costume,  I’ve been featured on a few blogs in recent weeks, check it out!

The Etsy Blog featured Opposite of Far’s Adult Red Fox Mask + Tail Set for a Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume!

Handmade for the Holidays Blog featured Opposite of Far’s Adult Red Fox Mask + Tail Set  in an adult costume post!

And of course, Opposite of Far masks are great for kids any day of the year, so I love to see my kids masks on blogs too! {our nest in the city} blog is offering a giveaway for one FREE Opposite of Far mask!  Check it out for a chance (or 5 chances!) to win!! Emily’s sweet daughter, Lily loves the Snowy Owl mask best!


do you know dallas clayton?he’s a pretty awesome guy who has some pretty awesome things to say to kids all over the world.

he’s doing some pretty awesome things for kids too, like touring the U.S. to “champion children’s literacy, raise awareness for issues dealing with global nutrition and inspire kids of all ages to dream big”.

THAT is awesome!

have you read an awesome book?

it’s awesome.

photo courtesy of smaller magazine

and you can read it herefor free!!

(see…totally awesome, right?!)

4th of july tradition.

this year we held our 4th annual (or is it only the 3rd annual?) 4th of july party in our backyard! anyway, 3rd year, 4th year…it’s just so fun!

lola chilaxin’ in the kiddie pool

griffin is a master dinosaur imitator. it’s impressive.

mike and lola had a deep, meaningful conversation about popsicles

(yes, mike is sporting his creeper mustache again this year, and yes, it is temporary! here he is last year at our county fair!)

poor baby max was tired and hot. (this is how old lola was when we started this tradition!)

new friends christina & kristof joined us this year. we like them.

apparently, the water table water is far better than dog bowl water.

so, whatcha got there lola? huh?

sally is a rave goddess. just look at that spin!

and regardless of the burn ban here, our trusty firefighters provided us with a stellar fire works show!


check out little lola at our previous 3 years of 4th of july


2011…check out the party pics here!