Bunny Style

I am crazy about the new(ish) blog MINe Styleblog! Have you seen it yet? This team of ladies know good kiddo style and they present it on the cutest & coolest blog! I stopped by this morning & found a round up of super cute Bunny Styles including the Opposite of Far Rabbit Mask! <thanks MINe Team!>


(please check out the MINe Styleblog Bunny Style post for info on the items above!)


These ladies have some exciting things up their sleeves…stay tuned for more!

Oh, and if you don’t already, you should follow them on Instagram :: @min_estyle




Bloomington is a great place to call home for many reasons. One of the best reasons is the community I have found here. Not only have I found brilliant  artists to connect with, but I can also call these women and men my friends! It’s often difficult to gather friends & artists due to everyone’s demanding schedules. The perfect solution: a gathering for the creative community that is comfortable and relaxed while also allowing them to show & sell their work. This weekend was the first of a series of  these gatherings or boutique-type shows organized by Talia (and hosted today by Lori).

This was a low-key event featuring 7 local artists, yummy local cupcakes (by the lucky cupcake), mimosas, and plenty of chatting! It was a lovely afternoon for mingling with friends and supporting their work. I’m  looking forward to the next event, planned for May 4th at The Green Nursery!

And now for a barrage of photos from the event:

Deesum Designs

Molly makes pretty little state & country pendants as well as stunning statement necklaces made from antler & stones. my favorite piece is the antler necklace…I brought one home with me (let’s call it an early Valentines Day gift to myself!)




Sabun by Soapy Soap Company

Run by the super-duo Mohammed & Anthony, Sabun Soaps are just divine! They come in some of  my personal favorite combos too: rosemary-mint & lavender-tea tree oil!  These soaps are all natural and made right here in Bloomington! You’ll be seeing these guys around quite a bit now…they’re even in Whole Foods!

IMG_3778 IMG_3776

Conduit Press

…is no stranger to this blog! You’ve heard me sing Talia’s praises time & time again. Her journals & book safes just can’t be beat!

IMG_3806 IMG_3798

JO Designs

Jaime has been a maker of pretty paper journals & custom scrapbooks for some time now, but she has recently designed a line of crocheted jewelry that is pretty, delicate and versatile. I took home a bracelet that’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe for the rest of the winter!

IMG_3795 IMG_3794

Charm HouseLori was our gracious host for the event as well as being the maker of some really fun jewelry and wine charms. If you’re in need of a unique hostess gift- her wine charms are perfect! I’m the girl who constantly loses her drink at gatherings…luckily we all had Lori’s wine charms on our mimosa glasses, so I always knew which randomly placed glass belonged to me!

IMG_3820 IMG_3813 IMG_3792 IMG_3814

Vincent Dejardins: Illustrator

I’m a big fan of Vincent’s original illustrations, but today I couldn’t resist his vintage Valentines! They’re all so charming.  I love Vincent’s range of talent & content.

IMG_3809 IMG_3810

Lit Knits

Laura makes the softest, prettiest & warmest knitted cowls, beanies, headbands & fingerless gloves. She has unique (& enviable) personal style which shines through in her work. I also love her knit ties for the guys!

IMG_3804 IMG_3805

The Lucky Cupcake

You really can’t beat a good cupcake, can you?! Well, Felicia knows how to whip up some DARN good cupcakes! Thank goodness they were mini size, cause I had about 10. yum.


I’ve said it once already, but I’m really looking forward to more of these gatherings. Oh, and did I mention there’s a blog you can follow too? It’s appropriately called the gathering.

showering a little sister.

saturday couldn’t have been a more perfect day. it (finally!) rained on friday, so by the time saturday rolled around the sky was clear, the clouds were puffy, the breeze was soft and temperature was cool (meaning 80, rather than 100!) when leslie came up the stairs to see our mom’s porch decorated for her shower, she was all smiles! we had a small group join us to celebrate, but it was just perfect!

happily ever after, made by me

the decorations came from a variety of inspiration that started with leslie saying she liked the idea of having a garden party-themed shower. i knew right away there should be fresh flowers in jars (that has become my signature at all parties i plan!), tissue paper flowers, and white lanterns. i also used my collection of vintage sheets as table covers and found special straws! i originally planned this decor for an outdoor tent, but our mom’s front porch worked out even better- it was shaded, close to the food and drinks and we had music!

invitations + extras by rosie day design

playing love song bingo takes a lot of concentration!

we played 3 games (that i mostly made up). game 1 was love song bingo– i made a playlist of love songs to have in the background while everyone was eating & visiting. the bingo card had words commonly heard in love songs (love, breath, want, need…). winners received a scratch off ticket to determine whether they were truly a winner! game 2 was movie couple match-up. leslie loves love…and she especially loves romantic movies, so this game was perfect! game 3 was 20 questions– i asked bo (leslie’s fiance) to answer 20 questions about leslie. the guests had to guess whether he got the answer right or wrong, without knowing his answer. then i asked leslie to answer the questions and and i shared bo’s answers. it was really fun to see how well he knows my little sis (sometimes better than she knows herself!)

the food was all garden party finger food. lovely little appetizers for a bunch of lovely ladies- cheese puffs, cheesy rice balls,  mini pigs in a blanket, homemade pesto + french bread slices, spinach dip + pita chips, fresh veggie crudites, and so much more!! my favorite part was the make your own fruit salad. we had 9 different types of fruit and 3 dipping choices: homemade whipped cream, homemade whipped lemon cream cheese frosting, and strawberry greek yogurt! in addition to the fruit, i made mini lemon polenta cakes with the whipped lemon cream cheese frosting and a blueberry on top. for drinks i served some of leslie’s favorites: pink lemonade and sweet tea, plus my favorite white wine! (honeymoon wine from trader joes- go buy some!)

for favors, i asked leslie to choose her favorite love songs and i made a cd for each guest. i looked into buying pretty cd sleeves but wow, they are pricey! i decided to make them myself, and love the way they turned out! (the next day, at shower #2 with bo’s family, they played the cd on repeat and we passed out the leftover cd’s all the ladies!)

elliana decided she would also be marrying bo, and so she insisted on helping leslie open all the gifts!

overall the day was a complete success. that success was measured by the beautiful smile on leslie’s face all day long and all the hugs of gratitude i received from her! our guests were also very sweet and gracious!

**thank you to everyone who took part in this special day…even if you couldn’t be there in person!**

photo a day july- first half.

day 1. self portrait.

day 2. frankie is so busy all the time.

day 3. best part of my day was finding bright treasures.

day 4. fun. mike surprised me with the morning showing of moonrise kingdom. i squealed. it was amazing.

day 5. on the floor.

day 6. my favorite new *FREE* chairs.

day 7. my garden brings me endless joy.

day 8. lunch. bloody mary in dc.

day 9. big museums & buildings in DC. this is the portrait gallery.

day 1o. favorite color- city edition.

day 11. letter + frankie.

day 12. texture.

day 13. enjoying open windows after weeks of oppressive heat.

day 14. building.

day 15. big brother + little brother fingers.

(i was honored when a friend asked me to take photos of their new little guy! you can see more here!)

and here’s the list for photo-a-day july, in case you missed it :

come find me on instagram, i’m oppositeoffar


i often have the urge to just wander. i’m talking about a city-wandering urge. i want to leisurely walk down a street or two, stopping to inspect interesting nooks & crannies, pop into a shop when the window display calls out to me, take a break to jot down some bit of inspiration while sipping an iced coffee. those days were easy to come by in chicago, los angeles, berkeley, san francisco, and santa cruz. but not so common in indiana. i have had this urge and found myself walking up and down kirkwood in bloomington, but it’s home, and it’s only one street…so that doesn’t always satisfy the itch. occasionally i have ventured to indianapolis to wander up and down mass ave. again, it’s just not the same. the shops are few and far between (though the ones that do exist are lovely). there’s just something about the feeling of wandering here that is so different from the feeling of bigger city wandering.

and so a week ago, while i was visiting family in cincinnati, i finally seized the opportunity to wander a neighborhood i have never been too. northside did not disappoint. northside is home of fabricate, a handmade gallery/shop full of local and regional artists i admire and often see at craft shows. fabricate was my initial stop, my reason for going to the area in the first place. i quickly realized though, that northside was also home to lots of other wonderful shops, restaurants, corners of peeling paint, art and all sorts of people. i spent hours wandering, inspecting, appreciating, and soaking in the seedy + lovely environment surrounding me.

wandering like that flips a switch in my head. i feel inspired and alive and invigorated in ways that surprise me. if you asked me where my dream home would be i would tell you “a little house with enough land to comfortably house dogs, chickens, goats, and kiddos. far enough out to feel free and unencumbered, but close enough to get my fill of people & community when i need it.” but…there’s this city girl in there too that longs to live within walking distance to shops, restaurants, parks, theaters, and people! it’s interesting how i can be equally (but differently) inspired by such opposite landscapes.



several months ago i was contacted by a sweet woman named noami. she creates a lovely clothing line called moskiddos. for her spring/summer 2013 line, she is using a circus theme for inspiration in her clothing and accessories. she asked if i would be interested in creating some masks especially for her, using circus animals and bright neon colors. i was so honored to be asked and so pleased to become a part of the moskiddos line (i love their philosophy on design and getting dressed using organic and sustainable materials)! i recently finished and shipped off the first batch of masks and noami sent me these 2 sneak peeks from the upcoming lookbook!

i am astounded at the how far opposite of far has come in just 1 year. i went from drawing doll ideas in a notebook from my recovery bed to making circus animal masks for a clothing line in san francisco! (pardon me while i beam a bit!)

*masks by opposite of far for moskiddos are: lion, tiger, bear and monkey*

(p.s. the lion mask is my favorite)


here’s a little more info about moskiddos:

MOSKIDDOS makes clothes and accessories for kids and adults alike. We dress kids and adults who don’t mind getting dirty while having a good time.

Mokiddos is made for easy-going people; Moskiddos cares about people and the planet; Moskiddos loves utility and simplicity without forgetting the details that make us happy; Moskiddos is all about comfort and practicality with aesthetics; Moskiddos loves mixing basics with special clothes; Moskiddos is timeless yet contemporary; Moskiddos loves to be loved…  

This is why we make simple clothes with style and an eye on design and quality. We use 100% certified organic cotton and sustainable fabrics. We use recycled paper and water-soluble ink for all our printing purposes and work with a local factory in San Francisco, California, where our clothes are made.

if you’re interested in learning even more about moskiddos, check out their blog!

hadmade promenade.


add this to your plans for tonight! (if you’re in Indianapolis, that is!) come by after work, before dinner, just come by! we’d all love to see you!

Handmade Promenade is hosting its 2nd Handmade Promenade on the Avenue during the Mass Ave Artful Tread Event on First Friday, May 4th. Come out and join us, shop handmade and support all the local businesses along Mass Ave!

Vendors of Awesome Handmade Goodness

Green Illuminations
Specifically Random
Opposite of Far
Curly Pigtails
The Thread House
Andy J Miller Illustrations
Body Eclectic Skin Care
Lila Noir
Pam Wishow Illustrations
Gary in Situ
Crimson Tate
Spice of Life Designs
LunaZen Creations

Miss Holloway’s Parlor of Idle Hands
Sunday Afternoon Housewife / Indie Loves Indy

can’t wait to see you there!

special delivery.

i love getting mail. good mail. it’s especially fun getting beautifully packaged mail! in the last couple months i have received a few extra-special packages that i wanted to share…the little details really do make a BIG difference!

the first package was a sweet birthday gift from my mother-in-law (thank you gretchen!)

anthropologie never ceases to charm me!

and the second extra-special delivery came from a wonderful etsy artist sieben morgen. i ordered some cute little stamps and sticky notes from her. the packaging was so pretty, i didn’t want to open the envelope! i did, of course, but i did so very carefully and kept it all!

i strive to package my masks so that the recipient is excited to see it in their mailbox, and these packages reminded me just how important it is to keep up that tradition!

days 6-10.

i was asleep on the couch at 5pm, so this is my messy hair around 6-ish!

it was 67 degrees, so i wore bright colors and bare feet!

rainy morning. welcome spring!

my mama came to visit so we did what we do best- we shopped antique stores in tiny towns! throughout our day i found lots of vintage red!

yeah, he plays lots of video games. and they are loud.