light & shadow kitty.

i don’t talk about frankie as often as the dogs- she just isn’t in my face like they are. she’s moody and likes to be alone most of the time. lately, though, she has been putting herself in front of my camera and begging for more and more attention. i’ve been taking advantage of this mood swing, snapping shots of her and giving her all the pets she wants!

on this particular sunday, she was lazing in the sunniest spots in the house- she was so completely content!

photo a day.

i recently joined instagram and LOVE it! if you are on instagram please come find me (opposite of far, of course!) i have noticed in the last few days that many of the people i follow are taking part in a group photo a day challenge this month! i tracked it down and found the source at fat mum slim.i’m so excited to join in! i hope you enjoy my photos, and you should join in too if you feel so inclined!

so, here we go! since we are now 5 days into january, i will post days 1-5 now, then post the rest day by day!

c’est moi

tea in my favorite mug

mike, milo, bruce & frankie (not pictured, but adored nontheless)

from the tiny little post office in cleves, ohio

captain husband’s flannel, skinny jeans &  moccasin slippers

this is fun! 🙂

pop-up shop.

the handmade promenade holiday pop up shop

you can find the pop-up shop inside the art bank, 811 mass Ave, indianapolis, in

we will be open for the entire month of december! almost ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! 34 days of handmade shopping for you to enjoy!
shop local and shop handmade this holiday at the handmade promenade holiday pop up shop! over 40 local, regional and national artists and crafters will be selling handmade goods throughout the holiday season.

the handmade promenade holiday pop up shop is open November 28th, 2011 through December 31, 2011

Monday: 11am-7pm
Wednesday: 11am-7pm
Friday :11am-10pm
Sunday: Dec. 18 11am- 6pm; Closed on Dec. 4, 11 & 25

Located at 811 Mass Ave inside the Art Bank in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. There is some street parking with no meters as well as a parking lot next to the Art Bank. Holiday Shopping on Mass Ave with No Parking Fees! Yay!

**check out most of the vendors here**

you can also find opposite of far at the handmade promenade holiday pop up shop!

we built this city.

i have been away. i have missed this little piece of online community. where have i been?  i joined my good friend angela and her two littles, lola  and max, to visit the very special allison in washington dc. we had a wonderful and exhausting trip. dc is a place i truly love to visit. it is so….patriotic. i love that everything is free. allison reminded me it’s all free because WE own it! how cool is that?! here are some pics to make you feel like you were there with us, enjoying every {good} moment!

day 1- travel day

flight #1 – from indy to atlanta, flight #2- from atlanta to dc

come on airtran….you really think this is the most efficient way to get people from indiana to dc? really?

lola totally owned indy airport at 5 am!

lola enjoying the view

sunset over atlanta

ang & max at the atlanta airport

metro station at the airport

lola passed out & loaded with luggage at the metro station

day 2- first cab ride + the national aquarium

(the only thing we had to pay admission to see…and the only thing totally not worth paying for!)

rainy day cab ride

washington monument through the rainy cab window

“feeshy, feeeeeshy!!!” (this became lola’s new favorite phrase)


sea anemone

albino alligator being fed mice…i suppose this part was worth the $10 admission

{and kitty…let’s not forget kitty!}

lola really loved kitty…kitty mostly loved lola too

so…kitty used to be mine…then after an unfortunate turn of events i entrusted her to allison & greg and couldn’t bear to separate them once i was back on my feet…i still miss my little kitty a lot but love visiting with her! plus, she’s not a big fan of dogs…so she’s way happier with alli!

day 3- first (awake) metro ride+ smithsonian national museum of natural history + washington monument

the washington dc metro is an amazing thing

ang & max on the metro

(well, some of us were awake!)

giraffe, what are you up to?

how cool is this guy!

whoa! watch out for that….ahhhhh!

cutest little dc tourist-ever!

well…close second maybe!

day 4- georgetown shopping day *fail*

(apparently 2 year old’s aren’t big fans of crowded city shopping…who knew!)

in alli’s eyes

before the shopping we had smiles!

and squirrels!

after “shopping”, a much needed beer

day 5- the national zoo- only a few blocks from allison’s house

alli lives on harvard street. which is funny because she went to harvard.

rock creek park, on the way to the zoo

all of us.

super cool amazon display where lola got her fill of “feeeeshies!!”

me & allison at the zoo

“ready, set…..”

pandas are awesome. that is all.

day 6- yummy french breakfast + eastern market + playground break + lincoln memorial + wwII memorial

yummy cappuccino at le pain quotidien

lola devouring her parisian ham & gruyere cheese omlette

lil bro lovin’

“wowa ‘n tess”

lola found her genius at eastern market

chillin’ at the park

a truly beautiful monument

the man

the girl knows how to strike a pose!

wwII wall

day 7- headed home

chatting with daddy before we catch our flight

busy tarmac


clouds over indy

and home. home sweet home.

i missed this guy

and this little guy

and this gal

and even frankie too

it is good to be home. and mike and i are already planning a trip to dc together!

opposite of fear.

i used to carry this little painted rock around with me in my purse. it had the word “courage” etched into it. i would find it in the bottom of my purse when i needed it and just hold it.  sometimes i put it back into my purse  and sometimes, when i felt i didn’t need it, i would put in somewhere else. then i would find it here or there, hold it tight, and find a new home for it again-it was just a little security, a little reminder. i have had that rock for years now. it was given to me by an unknowing stranger when i really needed courage at a terrible and confusing time in my young adulthood. i never showed it to anyone, never talked about it. but i always knew it was there as a reminder to be strong, find my courage and trust myself.

since it is currently here or there…this is a drawing to show exactly what my rock looks like…

i thought of that rock yesterday because i encountered a person who made me shake and feel angry. i am not a person with a temper- sad and hurt yes, angry not so much.  i felt all of that yesterday-sad, hurt, and angry- when a person attacked me and threatened my business. i became a protective mama bear ready to defend her young.  i needed that courage- that reminder to be strong and trust myself and my instincts.
the thing is…i thought of the rock after the fact…this time i didn’t need to feel the weight of it, to trace the word courage with my finger.  i gained my composure, thought rationally and managed the situation without my little courage rock in hand. thinking of it later, i smiled to myself- proud that i was able to summon my courage, eradicate my fears, take a deep breath, and defend myself calmly.

see, i used to shut down completely when met with anger, contempt, plain meanness and even disapproval. i am a “yes-woman”, a pleaser. i have been told i have no backbone,described as a doormat. that was then. now i am strong. i am fierce and i believe in myself! i still have an extremely difficult time saying “no”, even in the gentlest ways and for the best reasons. i am growing, though. i am learning that being able to say “no”, to stand up for myself, to be courageous  and sure- those things are SO important. those things make me a better friend and businesswoman. those things make me more confident and therefore more trustworthy. they make me like me more!

so, i have found it. i have found, within myself, the courage i needed. and without my rock, this time.

and to mean people who try to take away what i have worked so hard to build up…stop it. go away. no thank you. good bye.

halloween fun.

this weekend opposite of far will be joining the fun at the irvington halloween festival!

stop by my booth for masks, dolls, animals, and more!

october 29th from 9-5:

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange :: with the Irvington Halloween Festival

 This event, sponsored by homespun: modern handmade,  will be held on Saturday, October 29, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Irvington neighborhood, in conjunction with the 65th Annual Historic Irvington Halloween Festival. This event will be held outdoors and the 30 IHE vendors will be in a large white tent set up in the lot between Tiqueables Antiques and Midwest Scooter on the south side of East Washington Street, between Ritter and Arlington Avenues.

don’t miss this show!!