Dolls: Custom.


this is little baby adelaide with her new doll who just so happened to be named adalaide too!


my friend talia’s little boy, griffin turned 3 this weekend!

i made him a special little doll.

talia found the hippo fabric at new mom designs on etsy

little converse all-stars!

griffin after a his big day of celebrating turning 3!


batman & robin for 2 little brothers!


emily is a custom doll for a 4 year old birthday girl named emily! she likes purple, soccer and justin beiber (she knows all the words to his songs)

she has a soccer ball patch on her shirt & soccer ball ribbon in her pony tails!

*bloomington, indiana*


the latest in custom dolls is this sweet girl, mia– a birthday friend for little 1 year old amelia.

*indianapolis, indiana*


these custom dolls were made for our niece and 2 nephews. we gave leah a doll for her 1st birthday in september and her big brothers liked it so much they requested their very own boy dolls for christmas!

leah with her doll, sarah

lucas & nathaniel with their dolls (the boys get to name their own dolls!)

{you might recognize these cuties as my original mask models!}

best friends

*fishers, indiana*


lily was made for a sweet little girl named olivia- her grandma ordered lily as a christmas gift.

*bloomington, in*


samara & william dolls were made for the niece & nephew of hillary harris (kin ship press) for christmas. these dolls were especially fun to make! samara has curly red hair- neither of which had i ever done before. i love the way they turned out and can only hope hillary’s littles love them too!

*charleston, west virginia*


this is lainey– a special doll made for a very special little girl named emrie- a sweet little girl who has epilepsy and has been through more medical procedures in her 2 years of life than most of us will have in a lifetime. my cousin christina is a friend of the family and requested a special doll to keep emrie company in the hospital. you can learn more about emrie and her family on their facebook page loving emrie

*cincinnati, ohio*


baby daniel theron with his little doll daniel and he also got a captain hoo doll – ju-ju too!

*dubuque, iowa*


tommy is a little harley dude!

tommy was made for a raffle and ride hosted by tri county harley davidson store

tommy’s shirt is made from a vintage harley davidson shirt from hawaii!

*cincinnati, ohio*


these little twins were made for isabelle and olivia– newborn twin girls who were adopted by a very excited couple!

*delaware, ohio*


this little guy was made for logan for his 2nd birthday. logan loves buzz lightyear and needed a little friend to share in his adventures with him! i made logan a matching cape, so he and his doll could go “to infinity and beyond” together!

*cincinnati, ohio*


this doll was made for elliana– my cousin christina’s daughter- for her 2nd birthday. elliana is sassy and super cool, so she needed a doll who could match her sassy-ness!

*cincinnati, ohio*


the first doll i ever made was a gift for lola– a very special little lady

this is adele

*bloomington, indiana*


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