2012: Friends in Masks


hoola raccoon, bianca

spencer, indiana


rock star masks!

about 2 months ago i was contacted by taygan to order some (11) custom masks for the upcoming EP photo shoot for her boyfriend eli’s band skyways are highways. they make their “punk drenched, 60s inspired sunshine pop” music in melbourne, australia. she had some really fun and interesting requests and as always, I was more than happy to take on the challenge of making new masks! i can’t wait to see the EP with skyways are highways wearing opposite of far masks!

the band.

bee mask

bull mask

ram mask

i’ll be back with more from skyways are highways in september!


meet matt, that fun fox guy at work!

*los angeles, ca*


virginia (daughter of candice & brandon) photographed by michelle, mask by opposite of far

*indianpolis, indiana*


bridger, aka SUPER big brother!

super hero mask by opposite of far

*bloomington, indiana*


zoo kiddos!

*east lansing, michigan*


little sleeping fox

*bloomington, indiana*


abi & joslyn modeling masks by opposite of far and pretty tops by their mama: blue eyes & bare feet designs!

* bloomington, indiana*


a sweet artist family in Indianapolis, Nick & Lori with baby

Photos by michelle spitz, 2 pedals photography


we have a new little rascal to add to the opposite of far fan club!

*pheonix, arizona*


i recently received new pictures from some very special friends of mine. maren is german and celebrates fasching (or carnival)  with her husband, jonathan and sweet little boy, malte – even here in bloomington! this year they dressed as a fox family for their fasching celebration!

little fasching fox, malte

*bloomington, indiana*


my little friend, izzy the panda

*bloomington, indiana*


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