Bloomington is a great place to call home for many reasons. One of the best reasons is the community I have found here. Not only have I found brilliant  artists to connect with, but I can also call these women and men my friends! It’s often difficult to gather friends & artists due to everyone’s demanding schedules. The perfect solution: a gathering for the creative community that is comfortable and relaxed while also allowing them to show & sell their work. This weekend was the first of a series of  these gatherings or boutique-type shows organized by Talia (and hosted today by Lori).

This was a low-key event featuring 7 local artists, yummy local cupcakes (by the lucky cupcake), mimosas, and plenty of chatting! It was a lovely afternoon for mingling with friends and supporting their work. I’m  looking forward to the next event, planned for May 4th at The Green Nursery!

And now for a barrage of photos from the event:

Deesum Designs

Molly makes pretty little state & country pendants as well as stunning statement necklaces made from antler & stones. my favorite piece is the antler necklace…I brought one home with me (let’s call it an early Valentines Day gift to myself!)




Sabun by Soapy Soap Company

Run by the super-duo Mohammed & Anthony, Sabun Soaps are just divine! They come in some of  my personal favorite combos too: rosemary-mint & lavender-tea tree oil!  These soaps are all natural and made right here in Bloomington! You’ll be seeing these guys around quite a bit now…they’re even in Whole Foods!

IMG_3778 IMG_3776

Conduit Press

…is no stranger to this blog! You’ve heard me sing Talia’s praises time & time again. Her journals & book safes just can’t be beat!

IMG_3806 IMG_3798

JO Designs

Jaime has been a maker of pretty paper journals & custom scrapbooks for some time now, but she has recently designed a line of crocheted jewelry that is pretty, delicate and versatile. I took home a bracelet that’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe for the rest of the winter!

IMG_3795 IMG_3794

Charm HouseLori was our gracious host for the event as well as being the maker of some really fun jewelry and wine charms. If you’re in need of a unique hostess gift- her wine charms are perfect! I’m the girl who constantly loses her drink at gatherings…luckily we all had Lori’s wine charms on our mimosa glasses, so I always knew which randomly placed glass belonged to me!

IMG_3820 IMG_3813 IMG_3792 IMG_3814

Vincent Dejardins: Illustrator

I’m a big fan of Vincent’s original illustrations, but today I couldn’t resist his vintage Valentines! They’re all so charming.  I love Vincent’s range of talent & content.

IMG_3809 IMG_3810

Lit Knits

Laura makes the softest, prettiest & warmest knitted cowls, beanies, headbands & fingerless gloves. She has unique (& enviable) personal style which shines through in her work. I also love her knit ties for the guys!

IMG_3804 IMG_3805

The Lucky Cupcake

You really can’t beat a good cupcake, can you?! Well, Felicia knows how to whip up some DARN good cupcakes! Thank goodness they were mini size, cause I had about 10. yum.


I’ve said it once already, but I’m really looking forward to more of these gatherings. Oh, and did I mention there’s a blog you can follow too? It’s appropriately called the gathering.

sweet little peanut feature.

When I opened my e-mail & saw a message from Megan Bailey, editor of Sweet Little Peanut blogazine, I knew I was in for a treat! Megan asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a styled shoot full of little peanuts wearing Opposite of Far masks & tails. My answer was Y E S !  (in a sing-song voice, of course)! I mean…just peruse through this blog and you’ll understand why I was so excited- the photos are gorgeous & the styling is spotless! Not only that, she also has amazing photographers, darling locations, and little peanuts galore at her fingertips! Megan has an eye for what’s cool, what kids will love and what’s beautiful- I’m just so honored to have fallen into those categories!

The feature is even better than I imagined! Heather Nan was the photographer behind this lovely photo shoot, and she nailed it! The photos are full of energy, imagination and childhood playfulness. All the images perfectly illustrate the spirit behind Opposite of Far.

opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0300opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0052 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0096 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0073 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0098 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0156 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0236 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0334 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0465 opposite_of_far_SLP_HNP_0513

A big thank you to Megan & Heather & all the other mama’s who made this day possible! I love seeing children enjoying my masks + tails…playing, imagining, enjoying childhood!

If you’re interested in giveaways & discounts, don’t miss these opportunities on Sweet Little Peanut this week : Want to get your hands on these adorable masks and tails?! Here is your chance! Head to our instagram page to enter the GIVEAWAY of a mask + tail set of your own! Opposite of Far is also offering our readers 15% of your order for the next two weeks! Just enter SWEET 15 at checkout!

find little fox.

Every month Eco Green Moms reviews the little fox pack and this month they did a mini hunt for the little orange fox mask! The little video they made is adorable!

little fox-fox

while you’re clicking on links…you should go “like” the find little fox facebook page! thanks! and if you haven’t already, you should “like” the opposite of far page too!

February is for (mask) LOVERS!

I felt a collective sigh of relief among all my friends and family when January ended and February began. It’s funny what a day can do- one day it’s dark + dreary January, the next it’s sunny + hopeful February…even if it is colder outside! I’m feeling fresh and new too, somehow. And with this new month of love and adoration comes some fun with Opposite of Far!

I am loving the Mask of the Month Club– it’s exciting to look forward to designing new masks here & there and collaborating with my talented friends is even cooler! And I love the thought of kiddos getting a little something special in the mail each month too! This month brings a new design that I’m especially happy about: the W A L R U S   M A S K !


It’s not too late to order your subscription to the Mask of the Month Club! When you order you’ll receive all the previous months within 1 week- the masks + the special gifts! Or, you can order the Walrus mask by itself for a discounted price ($11!!) in my shop. Win-win!

Also on SALE ($11!!) this month (since I’m feeling all lovey-dovey!): the R O Y A L   F O X   M A S K S ! You can get one in red or pink- they’d make a darling gift for your special little kiddo on Valentines Day!


And don’t miss your chance to W I N a FREE Royal Fox Mask on Instagram!

IMG_4573Pink Royal Fox

IMG_4572Red Royal Fox

(heart background can be found at Caravan Shoppe – the Chalktastic Backgrounds and other printables are so much fun!)

Don’t miss your chance to add these awesome masks to your kiddo’s dress up collection!

Brickyard Buffalo + Nat the Fat Rat

I feel SO honored to be one of Natalie Holbrook’s guest editor picks on Brickyard Buffalo this week! I’ve been reading her blog for a couple years now. She’s funny & real… I just can’t get enough! Natalie writes about being a mama to Huck, fake eyelashes, food, infertility, New York City and being in love with her red-headed husband. I love her sense of humor and feel like we’re kindred spirits when it comes to “taste”- from her obsession with chocolate cookies & other sweets to her love of antlers, arrows & animals! Seeing her & Huck in my masks was really something special this morning! Thanks, Natalie for thinking my masks are cool & for choosing Opposite of Far to spotlight this week! And thanks to the gals at Brickyard Buffalo for hosting a space for handmade businesses like Opposite of Far to be showcased & supported!

Nat the Fat Rat*not only do I feel immensely cool for being chosen by Natalie…look at my fellow artists up there!! –

Yarn Bombed Antlers, Eleventy-Five, Boogy Boos, Squackdoodle, Aramelle Jewelry & Minetter + Milo

Thank you again, Brickyard Buffalo + Natalie!


blog love.

i’m ready to share some of the great things happening with Opposite of Far lately…and there’s more to come too!

a few months ago, i was approached by a pair of sweet sisters who were starting an online subscription box business. (have you heard of these? you buy month-to-month or annually and every month you get a box o’goodies in the mail! how wonderful is that?!) well, this particular business is called little fox, so we knew we were meant to be partners! for the month of january the 0pposite of far orange fox mask will be accompanying  Blabla‘s beauregard the wolf doll and a few other special goodies in the box!

JanPack-little fox

i am so happy to be pairing up with little fox for this month. we’re already chatting about our next venture together too, so stay tuned…and go subscribe!

(in case you were wondering, these clever ladies inspired my idea for mask of the month club!  i love getting mail, especially extra fun & “surprise” mail, and i bet you love and lots of people you love do too! so…have you purchased yours yet?!)


i recently paired with brickyard buffalo, small fry blog & lots of other fantastic etsy/local sellers to offer 6 bloggers a sweet little gift basket for being awesome! i’ll share more from these bloggers as they share their meeting with the small fry ladies! i was so happy to be part of this project & hopefully more to come in the near future!


check out these awesome shops for more:

Left to Right: Dream Catcher Baby dress / Kelsey Bang bowties / Opposite of Far animal masks / SquackDoodle custom branded clock / Eleventy-Five tote / Cavalcade powder-coated serving spoons / Fletcher & Fox arrows / Hello Hi Apparel tees & leggings / Armelle jewelry /


in other big blogland news, opposite of far’s raccoon mask was featured on *Design Sponge earlier this month! that one had me squealing with excitement!

raccoon mask on design sponge

even little fox posted about it! thanks ladies! 🙂


and last but not least, Opposite of Far was chosen as one of Textile Trolley‘s favorite etsy shops! thank you for the shout out! Red Fox Mask




the long awaited return to blogland.

the last 4 months were crazy. i expected to be busy, but i underestimated the meaning of the word “busy”! it was all good-busy though, so no complaints (not really). Opposite of Far is growing leaps & bounds i can’t wipe this silly grin off my face! i am so grateful and proud for the growth of this little business. and guess what…i still LOVE what i do every single day!

2013 has some pretty big & exciting things in store for Opposite of Far. planets started aligning back in october with some amazing opportunities for the new year. this stuff has been in the works for awhile now!  well, it’s already january 8th and those doors are standing wide open, inviting us in with tea & cookies. i have been given the opportunity to work with some blog-famous & fabulous women and i think you’ll all like what we have in store!…but it’s all still under wraps for the time being! i’ll share as they come, don’t worry!

something i can share right now is a very special offer for imagination lovers everywhere…something i’ve been working on that is really quite special. (drum roll, please):

Mask of the Month Club- FINAL

presenting: the Opposite of Far Mask-of-the-Month-Club! With either a 12 or 6 month subscription you will receive one mask every month for all of 2013! 8 of the 12 masks have never been offered before, these are exclusive masks! But it doesn’t stop there, with a subscription, you will also receive a very special, very exclusive handmade gift from other artists i know & respect! this would make an amazing birthday or holiday gift for any child! need more details? check out the “fine print”: Mask of the Month Club-back

if you have any more questions, please feel free to email me! would you like to order this amazing year-long subscription? you can find it right HERE for 12 months and HERE for 6 months!!

i would love to hear what you think of this new endeavor!


kids in masks are cute.

Halloween may be over, but I never get tired of seeing little kiddos in Opposite of Far masks!

I have had some incredible photos sent to be by my lovely customers & I just can’t get enough!!

*I also want to note that I am completely in love with the Instagram community! I have met, found, and happened upon some truly lovely people. It’s amazing to share and bits & pieces of my life as well as see others in a safe and supportive space. Many of the people below are IG “friends”- if you are on on IG, do follow them! If not, I urge you to join in on the fun! you can follow me too: @oppositeoffar*

I love this sweet family of foxes in san diego (see dad’s red fox mask? it’s on his hat!)  Jamie also happens to be a very talented photographer- check out her blog!

(@desertfete on Instagram)

Casey & her family currently reside in Scotland, but still celebrated Halloween this year. Her oldest son requested a giraffe mask + tail for himself and a purple hippo for little brother! check out her blog too!

(@cabaudoin on Instagram)

this little sweetie found her super mask at wholly craft in columbus, ohio. check out her dad’s photography website.

this cute couple spent a day at the zoo posing in Opposite of Far Panda Masks!

kati dimoff is a brilliant photographer and her littles make some pretty fantastic foxes, don’t you think?! i love that they re-created the grocery store scene from the movie, fantastic mr. fox!

(@kdimoff on Instagram)

another fantastic photographer and IG friend, Isabel has two little guys who like wearing masks too!

(@ifurie on Instagram)

my friend Candice‘s little one dressed as a bundled up raccoon for Halloween!

(@cordialkitten on Instagram)

This is Phaedra & Niko- he wanted mama to be the Rat King (from The Nutcracker) for Halloween, Opposite of Far happily obliged!

and last but not least, I let out a happy squeal when I saw this photo on Instagram- posted by Photojojo!
(@photojojo on Instagram)


*If you have photos of you and/or your littles in Opposite of Far masks, please send them my way!*



Instagram: @oppositeoffar

it’s fall and i’m missing it.

it just occurred to me that by the time i can take a minute step outside my studio and breathe in this amazing season, it will all be over. i was at the grocery store yesterday excitedly (frantically?) filling my cart with apple butter, cans of pumpkin, apple muffin mix, butternut squash soup, and real (very large) pumpkins that i realized i’m missing it all. (seriously, i had 5-FIVE-things on my list and walked out with a cart full of fall!) i’m not just missing in the sense that it’s passing me by while i’m slaving (happily) away at my sewing machine, but in the sense that i MISS it! i want to go to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch and farmers market wearing plaid and boots and a scarf. i want to buy bales of hay and pumpkins and gourds and too many bags of candy. i want to bake pumpkin everything, prepare hearty meals, enjoy a backyard fire and snuggle under a blanket to read a book. and i’ m missing it all. SO. after i realized 3 (very large) pumpkins wouldn’t fit under my grocery cart and that maybe 3 (very large) pumpkins was a little much anyway, i decided to enjoy fall in little doses. you know, when i can squeeze it it. because i love it. i love seasons changing, i love the sunny but still cool days, i love the smell of pumpkin and the colors of the changing leaves. and i crave change when the seasons are doing their thing out there (who doesn’t? i loved this post recognizing the excitement of everyone during the changing of a season!)

so, i’m changing things up little by little around the house, moving things around to keep it all fresh and feeling new. i’m finding little ways to honor fall in all her glory. and i won’t stop. cause fall rocks.

i’ve found pretty ways to add pumpkin candles to all our rooms

i’m enjoying hot coco in my studio every chance i get.

i put 1 (large-ish) pumpkin, a bowl of not-apple-orchard-picked-apples-but-still-delicious-and-pretty-apples, and some rocks and sticks  from my collections on our table with my favorite fall vintage tablecloth

i purposefully venture out in the rain so i can bundle up and enjoy the grey

i baked apple cinnamon muffins in my vintage mint green muffin tin (and ate one)

added some rich colors and patterns to our living room

i’ve been living in my moccs which keep my toes warm while i sew

and i went red. i love it.

i’m going to need more fall. it needs to be a priority. note to self: enjoying what you love to do for work must be balanced with enjoying what you love to do outside of work or it won’t be fun anymore!

here are some other things i’m looking forward to enjoying:

come on baby, light my fire. seriously, we’ve been collecting sticks forever, can’t we please have a fire yet?!

maybe some nice fall hikes? yeah, i’d love that.

and i was really inspired by this a beautiful mess  post and can’t wait to make some blueprint-photo-prints for our living room!

and more pumpkins. i need more pumpkins!

what are you enjoying this season? any fall inspiration you’d care to share?

costume time!

Opposite of Far has been HOPPIN’ these last several weeks! I’ve been sending masks + tails all over the country (and to Paris & Scotland too)! These masks + tails are great for kids…but they aren’t JUST for kids!  I’ve actually had more requests for adults masks + tails this year! They make the perfect easy + cute costume for adult Halloween party-goers.  And because they make the perfect adult Halloween costume,  I’ve been featured on a few blogs in recent weeks, check it out!

The Etsy Blog featured Opposite of Far’s Adult Red Fox Mask + Tail Set for a Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume!

Handmade for the Holidays Blog featured Opposite of Far’s Adult Red Fox Mask + Tail Set  in an adult costume post!

And of course, Opposite of Far masks are great for kids any day of the year, so I love to see my kids masks on blogs too! {our nest in the city} blog is offering a giveaway for one FREE Opposite of Far mask!  Check it out for a chance (or 5 chances!) to win!! Emily’s sweet daughter, Lily loves the Snowy Owl mask best!